Close Out 2020 Strong With Your December Tarot Card Reading

Pick card 1, 2 or 3

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

It's safe to say that 2020 has been a year. A year many of us are looking forward to moving past. But while we are in the final days of 2020, there is still time to reflect, learn and grow from the challenges we have experienced throughout this time. 


Jackie Ortez, Reiki and spiritual counselor has pulled three cards for us this month. Take a look at the above image, and pick the one you feel most drawn to. Now, find out the reading for your tarot card of choice below: 


CARD 1: Six of Fire


It’s time for you to step up in your career and personal life. Your confidence has been leveling up for some time and you may have been working up the nerve to ask for that promotion or raise.  The vision of what career advancements you want is clear, so go after it and don’t look back. Some people are complacent in life, but that is not you.  You may have been that way for a while, but not anymore. You are discovering your worth and it’s time to show the world and those around you that you know what you deserve. The Law of Attraction teaches us that you don’t have to know all of the steps of how to get to the place you want. Unwavering faith and taking any first steps will help you end up there.




Your Action: There is no better way to show people what you are worth than through your productivity. Stay focused in your plan, believing that there is no other place you will end up. Pick a “theme song” or make a playlist to listen to while you work on your game plan on how to get what you want. Wear some noise cancelling headphones so people will see you are busy and won’t interrupt. Again, remember that you don’t always need to know all the details to get from A to B, you just need to take those first steps and show the Universe you believe.




CARD 2: Two of Earth 


Have you ever felt like you are a natural healer? Do random people tell you their life story? Does that person at work with the constant chaos seek you out for an ear to bend? Are family and friends calling you to get your take on how to deal with issues in their lives? If you answered, “yes” to any of those, you are very likely a natural healer and an empath. Being a natural healer and empath comes with some challenges, but also some amazing benefits. You are able to just know how people are feeling and help them in a way that most can’t. About a quarter of the people on this earth were born with this ability. The challenges that come with it though are that we absorb the energy that others put out. While we may make them feel better, we may feel drained after the conversations with them or may not be able to be around crowds for long periods of time. This is all a typical part of it, but let’s talk about the biggest action you can take to protect your own energy.



Your Action: Developing boundaries is a big step in protecting your energy and there are a few ways to do this. One would be to not answer the phone or engage in a conversation that you know will leave you drained. If your sister is calling and you know she is going to go on and on about something that made her upset and you aren’t feeling up to par for it, let it go to voicemail. Call back when you feel like you are able to engage in a way that will not affect your energy. Another way is to listen to your body and not push it farther than you know you should go. At parties, it is easy to get overwhelmed, yet feel the pressure to stay longer than you should so you aren’t “rude”. When feeling overwhelmed, go outside for a few minutes and take some deep breaths. Stay out there as long as needed and if the feeling of overwhelm continues, leave the party. The more you respect your boundaries, the better you will feel about it. Go home and pamper yourself after with a face mask or something that shows your body you are taking care you.



CARD 3: Page of Air


Your relationships in life are growing in unexpected ways, but you might not have noticed. A partner, family member or a friend has quietly been guiding and encouraging you to go forward with something you have wanted to do for a while. There are lots of ideas that are mulling in your mind and when you speak them to this person, the path becomes clear. It’s like the noise quiets down and the answers come easily. If you are unsure who this is in your life, think about it. It feels like someone that is close to you, but recently the two of you are connecting more often than usual. The conversations don’t have to be long, but they are always impactful and there is action that comes out of them. When it’s figured out, tell them thank you because they don’t even necessarily know they are helping as much as they are.



Your Action: Video chatting with people instead of a phone call or text is much more personal and will help you feel connected in this current world climate that we are in. Invite the people who have been helping you to a chat and thank them “face to face”. Arrange a little fun night of games, karaoke or drinks so you can keep connected and show them that you care. Maybe even ship a fun little package to them beforehand so you all have the same items and will feel closer together.  Everyone loves a little surprise gift!


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