What's The Deal With Clear Coffee?

No, it's not water.

ByCaitlin M.

We're always down to fuel our coffee addiction. PB&J coffee, the world's strongest coffee, a 5-second latte—yep, we're here for it all. But this latest coffee trend, is so out there, we had to do a double take. Created by two brothers, CLR CFF, is exactly what its name sounds like: clear coffee.


The concept came from brothers David and Adam Nagy, who were sick of the teeth stains that are associated with coffee. Although the drink looks more like bottled water, it's legit coffee made from fresh-roasted Arabica coffee beans. And according to the brand's site, it's the world's first colorless coffee.


CLR CFF has been getting a lot of buzz lately, and honestly, if it boasts a stain-free option for coffee drinkers, we'd be interested. Although CLR is meant to drink like your normal cup of iced joe, you can also use it to mix in cocktails (see above!). CLR is available online for about $7.50 for two bottles or if you're a UK Influenster, you can check out some local shops, which carry the new drink.

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