New Clean Beauty Brands to Celebrate Earth Day

4 clean brands for 4-22-22.

Earth Day is about raising awareness for long-term sustainability and the effect on the environment. These four beauty brands feature non-toxic, plant-based, environmentally friendly products that are good for you and good for the planet. Are you ready to clean up your beauty counter?


This brand doesn't just saie it, they do it. Saie, pronounced “say,” was founded on the five, feel-good pillars of C.L.E.A.N.; conscious, luxurious, earth-minded, award-winning, and new. Check out some of the products members are loving here.


Kosas proclaims their brand as “clean makeup for skincare freaks,” and we see why. Their products include nourishing ingredients that are clean and clinically tested to improve your skin.

Tata Harper

Tata Harper believes that more ingredients mean more results. They pack their products with raw ingredients sourced from 68 countries around the globe. See what Tata Harper products our members have tried and reviewed.


Ilia creates clean, skin-centric beauty. Since 2011, Ilia has been on a mission to formulate its products with conscious, carefully-selected ingredients with no compromises. Check out the latest Ilia beauty reviews from our members.

What’s your favorite clean beauty brand? Share your go-to in the comments section.

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