5 Classic Canadian Recipes You Can Make At Home

Oh Canada

For people in the Great White North, 2017 isn’t simply a new year. It’s also Canada’s 150th birthday. While the country may be young, it has still given us many great things like hockey, fab nature painters, and some of pretty epic musicians. Canada has also created many dishes to please foodies throughout its history. Therefore, what better way is there to celebrate Canada’s milestone than by making a classic dish? Don’t wait until Canada Day, start celebrating now.


1. Authentic Canadian Poutine by Seasons and Suppers

Authentic Canadian Poutine

You might not think you need a poutine recipe, but after you taste this one, you will realize that you can produce something mind-blowing at home. White cheddar cheese plus russet potatoes plus beef broth, chicken broth, and butter equals an amazing combination.


2. Tourtière French-Canadian Meat Pie by Grow a Good Life

Tourtière French-Canadian Meat Pie

Pies make any celebration better. Instead of a sweet one, try making the classic savory French-Canadian pie. It’s easier than you think. Make your pastry case then fill it with ground pork, ground beef, onion, garlic, and warming spices like cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon.


3. Homemade Beavertails by Inspired Edibles

Homemade Beavertails

Don’t worry, no actual beavers are harmed during the making of the recipe. The scrumptious fried dough gets its name from the tail-like shape it’s formed into. Grab some milk, coconut palm sugar, whole wheat flour, and cinnamon to make this twist on the classic. Top your “tails” with any other ingredients you fancy.


4. The Best Classic Canadian Butter Tarts by Rock Recipes

The Best Classic Canadian Butter Tarts

If you haven’t yet experienced a butter tart, you’re missing out. Gooier than you’d think given the name, the delicious mini pies are made with a delectable combination of butter (obvs), corn syrup, brown sugar, and vanilla extract.


5. Nanaimo Bars by Bake Eat Repeat

Nanaimo Bars

You’ll get extra credit for making these bars because of their delicious taste and for giving a nod to the British Columbia town. Best part is they require no baking. So, grab your unsweetened coconut, graham cracker crumbs, semi-sweet chocolate, and custard powder and get prepping.


Which of these treats would you like to make? Let us know how you're celebrating Canada's birthday!