Mommy and Baby Can Breathe Easier Thanks to This Pacifier Line

You'll both be pleased.

ByKaila R.

We know being a mom of a new baby isn’t easy, but with Chicco PhysioForma, mommies are able to breathe just a little easier. Chicco PhysioForma is a unique pacifier line designed and clinically tested to actively support baby’s physiological breathing and oral development, so now mommy and baby can rest easy.



Here's the scoop, parents. PhysioForma pacifiers have an exclusive, extra-soft silicone nipple design that helps position baby’s tongue forward to maintain an open airway and support baby’s physiological breathing. These pacifiers help to improve quality of sleep and reduces irritability and respiratory disorders while supporting proper development of the palate and teeth with a narrow base that allows for optimal lip closure. We can’t wait for our mommy Influensters to try out Chicco’s PhysioForma in our latest VoxBox. Check out more about what they’re getting below:


PhysioForma Soft Silicone Orthodontic Pacifier and PhysioForma Light Day and Night, these pacifiers are baby accepted by nine out of 10 babies. The PhysioForma Light Day and Night also contains a glow in the dark pacifier for nighttime! 


Universal Two-in-One fashion Pacifier Clip and Soothing Pocket Buddy, these accessories will help your baby keep their pacifier close by at all times, while helping them accessorize all their outfits!


If you're not in the #ChiccoPhysioForma, don't worry! There are so many more VoxBoxes to be chosen for. Learn more about our VoxBox program and let us know you've tried Chicco products for your baby in the comments below!