Chef Liz of Cream’a’Licious is Serving Up Southern Favorites in Ice Cream Form

Now available at Walmart and Target

Corrie D.
ByCorrie D.

The next time you're at Walmart or Target, be sure to check out the frozen food aisle for the newest hotness in cold treats: Cream’a’Licious. Boasting "2-in-1 dessert" flavor combos, this ice cream is rich, indulgent, and Southern to its roots. It is also the first woman and Black-Owned artisan ice cream with national distribution. We wanted the inside scoop (sorry not sorry) on Cream’a’Licious so reached out to Chef Liz Rogers to learn more. She uses family recipes, passed down through four generations, to infuse her Southern family heritage into her ice cream. Each pastry is baked from scratch, intertwined in a super-premium ice cream base, and then delivered to you for the ultimate comfort food.

Chef Liz Rogers of Creamalicious

Chef Rogers, you represent an ice cream-making tradition tracked back across four generations. How do you carry the story and flavors forward through Cream’a’Licious?

Just being extremely authentic. The stories are about real times and real people. They represent family and love and remind us that we carry a history that cannot be denied nor forgotten. We find that regardless of how different we look and where we came from, we can all relate to these stories and what we have in common - and just maybe we are not that different after all.

What makes Southern desserts and flavors feel so homey and indulgent at the same time?

Southern-inspired, homemade desserts are reminiscent of our grandmother’s kitchen. Made with the highest quality of ingredients and chef-inspired, it becomes a slice of decadence and a scoop of indulgence all at the same time. It is more than a dessert, it’s an experience.

Cream’a’Licious is one of the only Black-Owned national ice cream brands in mass production. What has your journey been like?

Like most things in life, it has not been the easiest to accomplish actually bringing the brand to market. Convincing people to invest or get you one shot at getting on the shelves... But understanding that nothing is easy and that no matter how hard it may seem, you cannot be afraid to fail. You must go for your dreams and if the opportunities are not presented to you, then you must go out and create your own opportunities. Once you get those opportunities build upon them to create more to leverage what you have. Only then will you begin to walk in your purpose and realize your greatness.

What have you learned about the food and beverage industry along this journey?

I have learned that the market is extremely competitive. Retailers are not always quick to extend shelf space for a product that’s unproven but the consumer commands variety. They are looking for innovative and creative dessert options and this is what Cream’a’Licious brings to the industry - a whole new dessert experience.

How do you maintain an inclusive culture at Cream’a’Licious? Any advice for other brands or organizations?

Understanding how important it is to be a multicultural brand and that inclusion is key. Support of all people and building an open and diverse culture will instill growth and sustainability within your organization.

Any advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs?

By all means, never be afraid to fail and go for your dreams. Take time to build your team and the infrastructure to build a strong company. Be humble because if you are, you will be coachable. Learn from your mistakes and lessons but don’t live in them. Finally, you control the pen and you write your own headlines.

Ok, let's talk ice cream! You position Cream’a’Licious as a 2-in-1 dessert experience. What can people expect when trying your ice cream? 

People can expect a very creamy, high-quality, familiar dessert offering. Flavors like Slap Yo Mama Banana Pudding or Porch Light Peach Cobbler will help consumers understand that a true chef harnesses the flavors of each dessert and makes this an amazing experience.

My favorite is Aunt Poonies Carmel Pound Cake. She was my godmother and baked all her cakes in a cast-iron skillet that was over four generations old.

We have many new flavors coming up! Current flavors include: 

Tell us about The Elizabeth A. Rogers Visionary Foundation. 

My visionary foundation is my dream and purpose in life. It is the driving force behind everything I do. I am in the process of putting everything in place to mentor and help other entrepreneurs by providing resources, financial, and overall support to help build communities one scoop at a time.

How important are customer reviews and feedback to the success of your business?

My customers mean everything to me. We are a young company so I rely on their feedback to keep us going in the right direction because without them, we are nothing.

Will Cream’a’Licious be YOUR next favorite thing? If you give it a try, be sure to review it here on Influenster and let the rest of the community know which flavors to add to their shopping lists. 

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