Charcuterie Board Inspo from Influenster Members

Oscar Mayer and Claussen have you covered

Corrie D.
ByCorrie D.

We love to see our Influenster members sharing their experiences with products - whether they got to try it for free, already use it every day, or discovered it through the reviews of their fellow community members. Pictures and videos help show others what your experience is like in a way that can be hard to capture with words. We all love reviews, but sometimes a picture provides the perfect inspo. We recently ran a program for Oscar Mayer and Claussen where members could get full cashback on select products. Check out some of the drool-worthy charcuterie boards our members put together!

Kátia Hudson and a charcuterie board for Influenster

Kátia Hudson put together this platter style charcuterie board with her daughter to snack on while their family watched a football game on TV. The bowl shaped platter makes it easy to access the meat rolls, while keeping smaller ingredients from falling out. Follow her on Influenster

Charcuterie Board by Karen Hewitt for Influenster

Karen Hewitt learned how to make this salami rose from a TikTok video! A practical centerpiece for this charcuterie board which she served at her son's 11th birthday. Follow her on Influenster

Charcuterie board by Christine Shanus for Influenster

Christine Shanus used her charcuterie board as a mid-day snack plate for her family. This graze-friendly collection enables healthy self-serve options -- we love the addition of the Goldfish and hard boiled egg to complement the cheese and bologna. The cupcake wrappers are a perfect way to separate small items. Follow her on Influenster.

Charcuterie Board by Ashliegh Carper for Influenster

Charcuterie board for one? Sign us up. Ashliegh Carper made a mini-version of the classic board for lunch and we are here for it. Pickle pairing FTW. Follow her on Influenster.

Keto food blogger, Sarah made this "adult lunchable" tray for a picnic on the lake. Those stuffed cherry bomb peppers bring a pop of color to this pretty-in-pink platter. 

Sissi Lin and her charcuterie board picnic for Influenster

Sissi Lin is picnic goals with her very first charcuterie board. She knocked it out of the park with this meat and cheese spread. Follow her on Influenster.

It's a board, in a box! Danielle Rex made this savory and sweet snack tray in a box for easy transport. We are loving the rainbow of colors, flavors, and textures she has put together. 

Charcuterie boards can be a great way to clear out your fridge and pantry as Shau discovered when putting this plate together for her family. 

Makeup Artist Tori Gray switched up her mediums for this feastly creation. Circles of cheese, crackers, and fruit surround a pickle, meat, and almond center. No setting spray needed. 

You can see more pictures from our Oscar Mayer program on Instagram #MakeEverySandwichCount


Have you ever made a cheese plate or charcuterie board before? If not, give it a try! It can be as creative or as simple as you'd like. There's no wrong way to put together a snack tray. And if you do try your hand, be sure to share it with us in our #InfluensterEats Gallery (Influenster app required to upload gallery photos)!

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