Celebrity Hair Stylist Ashley Streicher Talks R+Co, Striiike, and Her New Collection

R+Co drops second product of the R+Co x Ashley Streicher Collection: DREAMHOUSE Cold Pressed Watermelon Wave Spray. 

Corrie D.
ByCorrie D.

With summer in full swing, R+Co is dropping the second product of the R+Co x Ashley Streicher Collection: DREAMHOUSE Cold Pressed Watermelon Wave Spray. To celebrate, we grabbed some time with Ashley Streicher herself to get the inside scoop on her inspiration for the collection and hair care tips. Ashley Streicher is a Celebrity Hairstylist, STRIIIKE Co-Founder and R+Co Collective Member. 

You recently joined R+Co's "The Collective," what has that meant for you? 
I’m proud to be part of the R+Co Collective! I joined the team this year to work alongside Howard McLaren, Thom Priano and Garren to help educate, create content and develop products with the brand!

You are also a co-founder at Beverly Hills beauty studio Striiike. How do you balance your work there and with R+Co? 
I co-founded STRIIIKE with my two sisters, and six years in, we are finally finding the right flow to balance all of our jobs. I take clients for hair consultations at Striiike, as well as see my freelance celebrities, so that’s what makes the collab with R+Co fit so perfectly. I’m able to educate as well as use all that R+Co has to offer consumer wise and share with clients across all of my platforms.

What makes Striiike different from salons? What are you most proud of?  
STRIIIKE is an all-encompassing beauty space, myself and my two sisters are experts in our fields and are able to share all our knowledge and expertise with everyone by appointment. We also host beauty events and have built a wonderful community. We share our space as an ever-evolving art gallery and always have a local artist paint a giant mural on one of our main brick interior walls.

Tell us about the collection. Why did you choose the products you did? What can we expect to see?
The collection is inspired by the ease and vibrancy of my California-living lifestyle. Each product builds to give you the perfect California textured look.

  1. SUN CATCHER is very silky and lightweight and delvers treatment benefits that nourish and protect all hair types. It also boosts the performance of other products, depending on the look and result someone is looking for. It’s great on curls to hydrate, detangle and smooth and a little product goes a long way. The light hold gives more of a natural look when used alone. Again, heavier or higher hold products can be layered if desired.
  2. DREAMHOUSE gives you the perfect California texture. Instead of just a salt spray, I wanted to create the texture of being NEAR the ocean, like how your hair looks after spending a sunny, windy humid day by the beach. 

What is it about California that inspires you? 
California is such an energetic, active yet laid back place. From super down south in San Diego to the Lost Coast and everywhere in between there are so many different climates, and amazing natural wonders that California has to offer. Growing up in northern Cali and then spending most of my adult life in Southern California makes me somewhat of a California expert! I also always take advantage of all that California has to offer as often as possible!

You are known for your "effortless-yet-edgy" looks. What advice do you have for our readers on how to replicate some of your most popular styles? 
Honestly the best way to FAKE a beachy wave is a good texture spray like DREAMHOUSE and some good ol' fashion bed head. Or if you need to make it look a bit more polished you can do some waves with a barrel iron, just wrapping pieces around the barrel from roots to ends, leaving the very ends out and when you release the curl pull straight to let "set" in a more loose wave than a curl. Then spray all over with some TROPHY Shine + Texture Spray for a lived-in but polished look.

As a celebrity hair stylist, which mistakes do you see people make with their looks that could be avoided? 

  • Diet. Bad diet and malnutrition can affect the density and strength of your hair.
  • Brushing your hair wet. Raking a brushing through wet knotted hair breaks hair.
  • Brushing your hair dry. Raking a brush through dry ends can break them right off.
  • Over washing your hair. Shampoo can strip and dry your hair the more you wash it.
  • Tight pony tails. I see a lot of breakage from tight elastics over time.
  • Chlorine and water damage. If you don't protect your hair before swimming in chlorine and salt water, your hair will soak up the salt and chlorine. This will really dry and damage your hair over time.
  • Extensions. Extensions are very hard on already sensitive, fine hair. Extensions break and take out a lot of your natural hair from weight and wear.
  • High heat irons. Without proper protection, high heat irons will just burn and break your hair off.
  • Bleaching. Overly bleaching and coloring is chemical damage that can cause major breakage.
  • Everyday heat, styling. Overusing heat on your hair consistently is the biggest way to damage your hair.

Walk us through your personal haircare regimen.

  1. After washing and conditioning your hair, wrap wet hair into towel turban, then work 2-4 pumps of SUNCATCHER through untouched/unbrushed wet hair.
  2. Without disturbing too much of the natural wave that comes from the towel turban, squeeze the product onto your ends and slowly work into the rest.
  3. Then air-dry, and remember DO NOT TOUCH! This will help prevent frizziness.
  4. Add DREAMHOUSE for added texture and wave.
  5. Add a pump or two of SUN CATCHER to dry hair whenever you need a restyle or jooj! (or just to smell good)

What are your go-to beauty products?

How important are online reviews and customer feedback to the success of your business?
I think all feedback is huge. My sisters and I pay close attention to what works for people and what doesn’t. Being in the service industry it’s very important to give the client what they want all while keeping your most professional foot forward!

What is your advice for other young women and aspiring entrepreneurs?
Say yes to every job. It’s a real hustle at the beginning, you have to be available and be able to say yes as much as possible! Don’t miss out on ANY great opportunities!!


You can shop the full R+Co x Ashley Streicher Collection at RandCo.com

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