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Kortney K.
ByKortney K.

Choosing a cat litter shouldn't be hard, especially when you find a brand that understands not only how much your cat means to you but provides best litter practices in each box. As a cat owner myself, I can tell you that there are two important (personal) factors when shopping for a litter: I don't want my space to smell and I don't want to clean up litter that tracks on my floors. So, I shop Max Power cat litter from Cat’s Pride, and now you can too!


We know how much your cat means to you, and that’s why we want only the best litter for them! So we teamed up with Cat’s Pride for a deal that’s too good to turn down. Nab $3 off your purchase of any one Cat’s Pride Max Power Green Jug of cat litter.


Each litter using our patented Max Power dual-clay formula works immediately to trap and eliminate odors for 10 days. It’s 99% dust free and forms strong clumps for easy, no-mess cleanup. Plus it’s 25% lighter than traditional scoopable litter making it easy to carry and pour.



Bacterial Odor Control

Total Odor Control Unscented

Total Odor Control Scented

Natural Care




Click the link for your $3 off coupon. Use the store locator at Catspride.com to find a store near you or buy online at Amazon, Walmart or Target.com. 



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  • Show off your cat (and your litter) on Instagram by tagging @catspride. 

Did you know that with every purchase of Cat’s Pride litter, you’re donating a pound of litter to a shelter? 


Click here for more information on how our CashBack programs work and don’t forget to let us know what you - and more importantly, your furry friend - thinks of your purchase! 

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Kortney K.
Kortney K.
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