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#CareerGoals: 10 Tips For Crushing Your Summer Internship

#CareerGoals: 10 Tips For Crushing Your Summer Internship

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Finals are done, warm weather is here and summer internships are just beginning. By now you know internships are an amazing way to throw yourself into the thick of a job and discover if a career is right for you. Even if you don't find your perfect match, the real world experience is priceless. 

To help you make your next internship the best experience ever, we've compiled ten must-know tips for crushing your summer internship. You've already completed the hardest part: getting the job. Now, prepare to rock it!


1. Be Over Prepared For the First Day

Starting a new position means facing a lot of unknowns. On your first day, be over prepared. Your employer may not have told you what you need to bring, so bring anything you might need to work on: pens, notebook, laptop.  Pack a lunch in case you don't have time to buy something—there's nothing worse than being hungry on your first day! And if you aren't sure about the dress code, air on the side of fancy. It's better to be overdressed than underdressed. 

2. Get to Know Anyone and Everyone

The more contacts you make at an internship, the better your chance at networking will be later down the road. Your Internship is a time for you to learn more about the industry, and people in it! Introduce yourself in the break room, talk at the water cooler, make sure everyone knows who you are. Don't think of the workplace as interns and everyone else, your work is just as important to the company as everyone else. Work hard and do your best and your work will be appreciated by everyone.

3. Become a Go-To Person

Show everyone your work ethic. Always take on work and help people with tasks when they ask. By completing this work (and completing it well!), you are becoming an integral part of the company you are working for. By showing you are a dependable worker who is willing to learn anything, your value as an intern and potential hire goes up.

4. Be Ready for Anything

When your supervisor says "jump" be ready to ask "how high?" Use your internship to strengthen the skills you have and develop skills you will need to succeed in your dream field. You may be pushed out of your comfort zone, but know these experiences will only enrich your resume and knowledge! 

5. Remember That You are Being Assessed

It may be summer, but you're still on the clock! Your supervisor will notice if you regularly come in late or are turning in sub-par work. Aim to impress with everything you do. Your effort will pay off. 

6. Learn From Other Interns (and Their Mistakes!) 

Other interns are your greatest resource! Not only are you more likely to be seated close to them, but they each have their own skills that are sure to help you at some point. Also, interns who have been with the company since before the summer began will be able to help you with things specific to the company, like who to talk to about something or where the bathroom key is. 

7. Learn to Make Mistakes

You will make mistakes, and it will be okay. You're new to the company and new to the workforce as a whole. No one expects you to be an expert. When you make a mistake, own up to it and learn how to complete the task properly so it doesn't happen again. 

8. Stay Busy

There is always something you can do. If you have completed your tasks, ask your supervisor if they need any help. If they don't need any help, ask if anyone else in the office does or work ahead. By asking if there is anything you can do, you're looking proactive and showing that you want to contribute to the company.

9. Write Thank You Notes

Your internship helps you gain valuable experience and contacts within an industry. Make sure your supervisors know you appreciate everything they've taught you. Thank you notes are the perfect way to show them how grateful you are, plus it's the polite thing to do. Little things like this help your supervisor remember you positively in case you ever want to be hired by the company or need a letter of recommendation.

10. Be Yourself and Stay Positive

It may be the cheesiest advice, but it's true! You were hired because your employer believed in you, now is your chance to show them that they were right. Your job will probably have some aspects you don't love, but don't let the negatives outweigh the positives. 


Do you have any tips for crushing a summer internship? Let us know in the comments! 

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