There's a New $5 Sangria Coming Your Way at Target

Slow clap for Target!

ByCaitlin M.

Target lovers are in for a summertime treat just in time for rooftop season. Your quest to sip on an affordable sangria this summer is about to get much easier—and cheaper. The brand behind last year's $5 rosé is at it again with a five buck sangria. The new varietal, California Roots Sangria, is launching exclusively at Target to make your next milk run a for-sure success.

california roots sangria
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Not only is this new option a picturesque addition to any summertime soirée (hi, have you seen that label?), but it boasts a refreshing taste too. There are notes of fresh berries and zesty citrus. The only thing missing is a side of fruite and a sundress!

If you recall, last year Target introduced a new player in the vino category: California Roots. The west coast-grown wine brand bust onto the scene with everything from a Chardonnay to a Rosé. And at only $5 a bottle, this quickly became a fan favorite to sneak into the cart while on a Target run. And we have a feeling this new addition will only follow suit!

The new California Roots sangria will be available exclusively at Target starting on May 20.


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