Bye-Bye Chapped Lips: Cold Weather Skin Tips

Bye-Bye Chapped Lips: Cold Weather Skin Tips

If you're a "combination skin" girl like myself, you know the frustration winter air brings when it comes to your face. The constant red and irritation is definitely not a winter wonderland, and not just everything works to help with the discomfort. 

1. Neutrogena Moisturizer

I swear by Neutrogena products. The moisturizer never feels too heavy, and for someone who has very tricky skin, finding the right moisturizer is imperative. During the winter months, it is especially important to use moisturizer before you apply any makeup to prevent it from drying out your skin anymore. For sensitive skin like mine, the ultra gentle soothing lotion is perfect.  

2. Maybelline Baby Lips Chapstick

Baby Lips is my new favorite chapstick. Unlike some other brands, it doesn't leave any residue on my lips or make me feel slimy. A good chapstick is a necessity during the winter to prevent cracked or bleeding lips. Plus, Baby Lips comes in so many different types and even has great options for tinted balm.   

3. Evian Face Mister

A good idea during the winter is always to carry some face mister on you in your bag. It's perfect for when you're starting to feel the chill and can feel your face drying up, and just a quick spritz does the trick. Evian's version is my go-to, and it comes in small, easy to carry and conceal travel sizes.

4. Hydration
The key to keeping your skin hydrated and smooth during the winter is water, water, water! Keep a water bottle (reusable, of course!) on you at all times to make sure you're getting all the hydration you need, and your skin will thank you.

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