Wait—There Might be a Whopper-Tasting Toothpaste

This has to be an April Fool's joke...or does it?

Rumors are floating that Burger King France might be tapping into the oral hygiene sphere. But instead of a fresh minty flavor, people would be getting a Whopper-flavored formula. Just in time for April Fool's Day, Burger King released a silly video touting the product's taste and superior whitening abilities. Hmm. Watch the video below to see if it's something you're into.

Apparently, the product will soon be available in your restaurants and drugstores, which means deciding between a Whopper and brushing your teeth will never have to be an issue again! Ha. We'll be honest, we totally don't buy it, but hey, the world can never have too many "weird" products. More the merrier!   

Could this meaty dream soon become a reality?

Are you into Whopper breath? Tell us in the comments below!

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Claire R.
Claire R.
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