10 Budget Beauty Products to Buy Instead of Your Morning Coffee & Pastry

Beauty products or coffee, beauty products or coffee, beauty products or...

ByCaitlin M.

If you're anything like this editor, dear Influensters, you adore your morning routine. Nothing gets me ready to face the day quite like an AM trip to my local coffee shop for a latte and scone. The pair just instantly puts me in a good mood and sets me on a straight path to happiness at Influenster HQ!  

My habit might appease my taste buds, however, it's not always the friendliest on my wallet. My latte and scone set me back roughly $9.60—don't worry Mom and Dad, I do budget so I don't get 'em every day. And while I adore the warm cozy feeling I get from my morning cup of joe and pastry, admittedly, I also get that same warm cozy feeling when I pick up and test a brand new beauty product. Thankfully, I did the math and turns out there are a number of new budget-friendly fall beauty buys hitting the shelves that cost just about the same as my morning caffeine and carb habit!

Take a peek at 10 budget beauty buys I spotted that just might replace my morning coffee purchase! What will you be shopping? Share with me below!

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