BRÖÖ Tackles Your Persistent Fatigue

Who knew lotion could do so much?

ByCaitlin M.

We have a feeling if you added up the amount of times in the day you uttered the phrase, "I'm exhausted," you would rack up quite the count. Between balancing the usual suspects of work, friends, and family, chances are (if you're a millennial), you also have the added challenge of balancing tech stress. From staring at a computer all day to stressing about how many likes your latest post receives, digital fatigue is real. And it just might be the source of all that exhaustion.

But a little trip to the drugstore might change all that. BRÖÖ, the brand you likely know as the "beer" shampoo, just dropped a new collection called Moods Aromatherapy Lotions to help you de-tech-stress. And that's not all, there's an accompanying app to help you complete that digital detox. The new lotions are packed with vitamin E-rich shea butter to soothe skin, vitamin B-rich barley and antioxidant-rich hops (hence the brew aspect of the brand!), and various essential oils to target certain aspects of digital stress.

broo aromatherapy

There's the Reboot Aromatherapy Lotion with bergamot essential oil to help energize. To help with sleepy time, there's Sleep, which has lavender essential oil. And lastly, there's Unplug to help calm you down via clary sage essential oil. Each lotion is infused with a 100 percent natural scent so you know you're getting nothing but the real deal. And, of course, each is powered by an app to help bring out the meditative and relaxing components of the lotions. Simply download the app and select which "mood" you're looking to channel, and you'll get a selection of sounds and music to help you find your ohm. 

broo moods aromatherapy lotion

As for the lotion itself, it's very light and sinks in with just a few rubs. This editor had the chance to put these new lotions to the test and can attest that the scent, although fragrant, is not overpowering and is quite pleasant and dare I say it, relaxing. Ironically, I'm currently rocking Unplug and that calming sage as I type this.

You can find the new Moods collection for less than $8 a tube at Walmart right now. Are you ready to zen out?

Which of the new Moods Aromatherapy Lotions calls to you? Share if you're team Unplug, Sleep, or Reboot in the comment section below!

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