This Holiday Bubbly is $10 at Target

So we'll be at Target.

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

The holidays are here and whether you're hitting up parties or planning them, chances are you're going to have an opportunity to taste test a glass of bubbly—or two. Between dinner with the fam, that awkward holiday party with your boss, and your significant other's friend's roommate's party (you sure you can't get out of that one?), that's a lot of sips! Thankfully, you don't have to break the bank to get a quality-tasting drink to impress.

bravino rose


Last year, Target dropped an exclusive new line of Italian wines that only look expensive. And this year, they're back! The Bravino wines are a part of Target's ever-growing wine and beer selection (we already told you about their $5 options from California Roots!) and will also maintain an affordable price tag. At about $10 a bottle, this might be the easiest way to master the holiday.


bravino prosecco


Bravino wines will come in two flavors, a Prosecco and a Sparkling Rosé. Between the serious convenience factor of being able to pick up a bottle of bubbly at your local Target and the fact that these wines are actually really beautiful looking, we're guessing these will be a huge hit for the retailer this winter.

And although, these wines come just in time for holiday entertaining, they will be available long after the holiday partying has come and gone. Right now, Bravino wines are available in stores at Target for only $9.99.


What will you be sipping on this holiday season? Share below!

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