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Brand Spotlight: Graydon

Brand Spotlight: Graydon

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Have you ever scanned a beauty product’s ingredient list and had absolutely no clue what you were reading?  Clearing up that label confusion is what natural beauty brand Graydon is all about. The natural Canadian range was founded by Graydon Moffata—a local farming advocate and beauty devotee who has made it her mission to supporting local farmers. We spoke to her to find out more about her plant-powered skincare line and her personal wellness journey. 

Was there one moment that inspired you to create Graydon, or was it a combination of things?

​“A combination​ ​of teaching yoga, loving to cook, and being a mother lead me to create the brand.”

How did living in France on a farm inspire you?

“​Well, it is just such a beautiful wholesome country, it makes North America seem a little boring in a way. Being in that environment, I found really rejuvenating.”

You mention on the website that your personal wellness journey inspired the line. Can you tell us about that?

​“I have experienced some real challenges with eating disorders starting in my teenage years and it was healing myself through plant-powered whole food that I began to get well. The skincare I proceeded to create was a logical extension of this.”   ​ 

When did you realize the connection between plants and skincare?

​“As a very young girl, when my grandmother made a rose water concoction out of the petals in her garden​."

Tell us about being a self-described "ingredient anthropologist."

​“Well of course that's a bit tongue and cheek, but it means I have fun spending a lot of time snooping around stores and markets.”  

How important is it for you to use plant/food products with recognizable ingredients for the average customer?

“​Super important because it helps demystify our ingredient lists—like everyone knows that broccoli and berries are super good for you.”

graydon all over soap shampoo

Tell us about the process of creating a product.

​“I try to block off quiet time for me to think and contemplate most mornings, and I find this is when most of my ideas come to me. I let the ingredients sit in my head for quite a while and visualize the smell and texture​ of what they would be like blended together. Then we go through a whole naming process and packaging investigation. When we get relatively clear on these things, we will start working with our cosmetic chemist to create a series of prototypes.”

How long does it take to go from an idea to a finished product?

​“There is no set rule!​ It depends on the complexity of ingredients, choosing the right name and getting it in to production.”

Are there certain foods/plants that are your favorites to use?

“​I'm going through a stage of loving ghee these days because it's so nourishing for my dry skin, which as the weather gets colder, tends more towards vata. I also can't live without cacao and hemp butter!​” 

Where do you source your ingredients from?

​“From all over the world, but ideally we like to source from Canadian growers!​ “

What has been one of the biggest challenges developing the line?

​“For the first four years, I tried to do almost everything myself and the result was that I pretty imploded from the stress. ​“

What is your favorite product in the range? Why?

“Face Food, for sure! I love it because it contains all of my favorite skin friendly minerals including silver, zinc, copper and magnesium​."

What misconceptions about plant-based skincare do you hope to change with the range?

​“Mostly that it doesn't have to be 'crunchy granola' in the sense that the plant powered products are both efficacious and sexy, just like mainstream brands... so you can have your cake and eat it too!​”

Have you tried Graydon products? What did you think? Let us know in the comments and review your favorites!

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