Merian Mismmo Shares Her Journey Creating Bounce Curl

...and How to Keep Your Curls Bouncin’

Kaila R.
ByKaila R.

Loving and learning your curls is a very personal journey for all curly girls! Finding the right products and learning the best way to use them for your hair is never easy. Recently, we got to talk all about hair with the founder of Bounce Curl, Merian Mismmo.  

Keep reading to learn more about Merian’s personal hair journey and how it fueled her to create Bounce Curl. She even gives some great business and hair tips for all the curly girls out there! (We love a girl that can do both!)

What inspired you to found your own company?

Throughout my life, I have struggled to find products that work for my fine, curly hair type as the majority of the products on the market were too heavy or contained harmful ingredients. I originally went to school to become a dentist, and through the process realized I could formulate cosmetic products using my background in chemistry and science. With this in mind, I began creating all different formulas and testing them on myself and my best friend. We finally came up with the perfect composition for our first products and Bounce Curl was born!

What makes Bounce Curl different from other brands? What are you most proud of?

I am mostly proud of my personal influence within the company and the success that I have built with such a small team. I always feel like there is never enough time in the day with meetings, creating hair tutorials, and being the face of the brand while also managing and running the business. I always get great feedback about how much of myself I give back to the community in educational videos and posts, so I think that makes us stand out. I put a ton of effort into actually connecting with and engaging with our customers. Most of the time it’s actually me behind the screen answering any customer service emails!

What is your advice for other young women and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Start off with a business plan! When my company began to grow rapidly, I was extremely stressed and overwhelmed because I had not created an adequate business plan at launch. Research is a necessity and you can never learn too much about your industry. Additionally, being organized is essential to running a successful business.

Another tip I would give young women is to use your community as a resource and never be afraid to ask questions and connect with others. Networking is so important when starting your own business and staying engaged with your community is vital.

What does a product formulator do? And what have you learned from this experience?

As a product formulator, I examine every single ingredient and the quantity of each ingredient used in our products. The primary job of a formulator is to create the perfect blend of ingredients to maximize effectiveness of each product.

What does "clean beauty" mean to you? What are some of your fave ingredients?

My top priority when formulating products is to avoid cancer-causing ingredients. For someone who is not a formulator, it can be hard to navigate what ingredients are truly “clean” since so many ingredients have so many different names; the general rule of thumb is not to use silicones, parabens, sulfates, PEGs, mineral oils or really anything with a bad reputation.

What are your curly hair care tips?

My best recommendation for curly hair is knowing your hair texture. That will help you find out what products suit you best. Check out Bounce Curl’s Blog here to learn more! 

What does your hair care regimen look like?

As someone who has fine, textured hair, I mainly like to use our Light Creme Gel to achieve maximum volume. Sometimes I use our Avocado Clump and Define Cream for some moisture with the Hair Gel too.



You attribute a lot of your success to Instagram. How did you grow your social following there? How important are online channels and reviews for success?

When I started formulating my first products for Bounce Curl, I was already a micro-influencer creating content for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. When I launched Bounce Curl and began to focus more on hair, my social following took off and I became a part of this curly hair community on Instagram. Much of my rise on Instagram was through creating hair tutorials to show how to use our product on all different hair types.

We launched Bounce Curl by promoting on Instagram, so we attribute a ton of importance to our online community. Listening to your customer feedback and online reviews are vital to success. I have re-formulated products due to customer feedback in order to improve them and I am always trying to listen to the needs of our customers. I also think it’s crucial to educate consumers so they know how to properly use the products. 

Which Bounce Curl products have you tried? Share your favorites below!

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