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Do you want a little lip gloss with that top? You might find yourself asking just that with the launch of's brand new makeup line. You likely already know the brand for their affordable attire (seriously, that dress cost how much?), but now you'll be able to get a full cosmetics collection from the online retailer as well. 

boohoo makeup line
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Designed to suit the needs of both makeup newbies and pros, Boohoo cosmetics will consist of 10-20 beauty products, including ones for the lip, eye, face, and more. The debut collection is sleek and simple in packaging, but doesn't appear to skimp on options or colors. And with a price tag of $5-$25, you can try new trends or stock up on beauty basics without making a huge dent in your wallet. Want to see what we're eyeing? Scroll on!

3 Shade Highlighter Palette, on sale $4.50

Contour and highlight to your heart's content with this three-in-one palette. We don't have to tell you the rose gold packaging is total eye candy!

3 Shade Matte Lip Set, on sale $6

Can't snag a Kylie lip kit? We're eyeing these lovely neutral toned lippies for a more affordable take on the sexy pout.

Illuminating Primer, on sale $4.50

Wear alone or under foundation, this illuminated primer looks like a great and affordable option for getting that lit-from-within look.

3 Shade Vinyl Lipgloss Set, on sale $6

3 Shade Vinyl Lipgloss Set

This glossy kit of three contains the perfect colors for a night out. Just look at that glitter gloss!

You can shop all these plus more at

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