Blue Light Beauty: 2020's Next Big Trend

We looked into our crystal ball...

ByCaitlin M.

We're not saying we're ready for 2020. We're saying we're really ready for 2020. Fresh year, fresh decade, and a whole new crew of beauty products to try. Yes, there are still a few weeks left in the year, but our eyes are already set on the trends and products we're thinking will dominate 2020. The first trend we're calling for 2020? Beauty products that guard against the blue light emitted from our gadgets' screens. 

If outside pollution and environmental aggressors were the concern of 2018 and 2019, 2020 will be the year of blue light. Hate to break it to you but HEV (High Energy Visible) light a.k.a. blue light is everywhere—tablets, phone screens, laptops, and the like. Although it's unavoidable for most of us, we can do something to protect ourselves against the potential side effects of screen time such as melasma and hyperpigmentation.

Click on to see skincare and even makeup products that protect against blue light emissions!

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