Content Creator Reggie Butler Is Pushing Us To Live Our VERY Best Life!

"I think life itself influences my style."

Mika R.
ByMika R.

In honor of Black History Month, we’re highlighting some of the many talented Black content creators we’ve partnered with on Influenster campaigns. The creators featured in this series exemplify the kind of creative, high-level content we look for in our campaigns. They’ve built their followings and communities with their unique voices, product insights, and authenticity. We hope learning more about them and the work they do will inspire you to do the same.

Throughout all the change that has transpired in the world since the top of 2020, Influenster has stayed focused on our mission of amplifying the voices of our community of trendsetters, early adopters, product-junkies, storytellers, and brand enthusiasts. One of the biggest forces behind our ability to keep our community strong is the amazing Content Creators that we lean on to support our campaigns and mission by providing our community with inspiring content leading the conversations about some of our favorite brands and products.

As much as we love giving our members the latest and greatest news regarding some of the best products on the market, we are also excited to share the stories of the inspirational people behind the products and content that we consume and enjoy regularly. Meet Reggie Butler, an Atlanta-based Fashion content creator spreading joy through his unique style and infectious smile. We caught up with Reggie to talk about his favorite products while in quarantine, amplifying black voices, and much more.

How did your journey begin as a content creator?

So, I am a newbie (gotta start somewhere) to this content creator thing. My very first gig was about two years ago when I received a DM on Instagram from an LA-based clothing company. I was asked to simply take photos in some of their new items and post them on my personal IG. I have also been blessed with other opportunities from companies like Amazon and Target. I do feel that I have a long way to go, but step by step I’ll get there.

Your sense of style is so bold and unique. What people, things, or experiences have influenced your fashion sense over the years?

I think life itself influences my style. I will say that I love shoes! Every one of my outfit inspirations has started with the shoes. You can never have enough of them; shoes will make or break an outfit. I also am not afraid of color; bright colors compliment the Melanin in my skin.

With so many things occurring in today’s society, especially injustices affecting Black people, what motivates you to stay positive and keep creating content that lifts people’s spirits?

In the words of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, “The world won’t get no better, if we just let it be.” I think we all have a responsibility to change what we can and that is what motivates me.

What are some of your favorite Black History moments/facts that you wished were talked about more frequently?

Whew, there’s a plethora of those! But I want folx to know that Black people existed BEFORE slavery. Growing up, all the history books penciled us in right after Columbus and it’s sad. It wasn’t until college in an African American studies (AAS) class that I was able to quench my thirst for Black existence pre-slavery. I personally think that an AAS class should be required in ALL secondary school curriculums.

As a content creator, what advice would you give brands on how they could be better allies for the Black community?

HIRE US, LISTEN TO US, SEE US! In many of these boardrooms, there’s not one Black person involved in the decision making, and it shows. Many companies have initiatives centered around Black History month, and then the other 11 months there’s nothing. I feel like they forget that Black folx exist all year long, but we deserve to be seen for more than just a month.

What are two products you are reaching for regularly now that we’re spending so much time at home?

Febreeze (Forest) Air Freshener and Hello brand Charcoal Toothpaste. I currently have a stockpile of both. I just may be addicted to them.

What type of products/items do you read reviews for before buying or trying?

I honestly read reviews for everything because some of the comments can be quite entertaining. I find that people are brutally honest when the product/service is really good or extremely horrible. With that being said, I always read reviews for products/items that I cannot go into the store to see for myself.

If you want to keep up with Reggie, you can find him on Instagram @bourgeoisieb. Don't forget to check out some of his fav products. Stay tuned for the rest of our Black History Month series.

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