Black Friday Shopping Survival Guide

If shopping is your cardio, this is how to properly fuel. 

Kaley W.
ByKaley W.

Black Friday shopping is no joke. There’s probably someone pitching a tent outside of a Best Buy as we speak. But even the best-laid plans to beat the crowds and snag deals can be foiled by one thing—hunger striking. Braving crowds on an empty stomach can take Black Friday shopping from chaotic good to chaotic evil. Peep our list of handheld snacks to fuel your frenzied bargain hunting (only because to-go plates of Thanksgiving leftovers might not hold up as well.) 

Perfect Bar (4.6 Stars on Influenster)

Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bars pack 15g protein for sustained energy. Think: Nut butter cups without a looming sugar crash. These need to be refrigerated, which you can hack by freezing them the night before so they’ll be perfectly thawed by the time you’re ready to refuel. 

Arm Yourself with Influenster's Top-Rated Trail Mixes

It’s a jungle out there. You’ll want to spend your foraging energy on sweaters, not sustenance, so keep a fistful of nuts and dried fruit at the ready. The combo packs a jolt of natural sugar from the fruit and protein from the nuts for a sustained boost. 

Skinny Pop Popcorn (4.6 Stars on Influenster)

There’s bound to be some drama over the last pair of size 8 lug-soled loafers. Popcorn, when not swimming in pools of movie theater ‘butter,’ is a healthy, high-protein snack that will keep you feeling fuller longer.

Chomps Beef Jerky Sticks (4.7 Stars on Influenster)

Chomps Sticks pack the same smoky flavor as the gas station darlings, just without the nebulous ingredient list. Each stick packs 9g of protein and there’s no added sugar or gluten. 

Envy Apples, #1 in Fresh Fruits

Pair an apple with string cheese or a packet of nut butter—it's the perfect snack before hitting some clothing racks. Apples contain about 13g of natural sugar and have similar effects on your body as caffeine. This is because vitamins from apples are released slowly throughout your body, making you feel more energized without an impending crash.  


Of course, remember to hydrate and lean into that turkey coma the night before so you’re well-rested. Do you have any tips to outlast Black Friday shopping that we may have forgotten? Let us know in the comments!