Black Friday Shopping Habits You May Not Expect

From shoppers who KNOW.

ByCaitlin M.

When it comes to shopping, no one knows their way around products quite like the Influenster community. With 30MM reviews from a community of 5 million members, Influensters are some of the most in-the-know shoppers around. To learn just how some of our Influenster women particularly are planning on shopping the holiday season's biggest sales—Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we're looking at you!—we sent a survey out to 4K+ female Influenster members to get a peek at their shopping habits. The results just might surprise you!

From the 4K+ Influenster women we surveyed, 78% were Millennials, who have some of the biggest buying power in the game. (This generation alone represents a $170 billion market!) And of the two major holiday shopping days ahead, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, 68% surveyed plan to shop both holidays! What's more, 78% plan on doing both personal and holiday shopping during these deal days. The majority of respondents said they'd likely be spending between $100-$300!


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And they're already thinking about how they're going to be spending their hard-earned money this holiday season. ​​Coming in first on their shopping list is clothing. This Black Friday, 86% of respondents said they'd be shopping for clothes the day after Thanksgiving, while only 72% said they'll put off Friday shopping and get new threads on Cyber Monday. Interestingly, an astounding 91% of our Gen Zers said they'd be hitting up their favorite clothing retails on Black Friday! Wondering where they're headed? Top retailers our Influensters will be hitting up include Forever 21, H&M, and American Eagle.

Next up, respondents will be adding makeup and fragrance to their shopping carts. Seventy two percent of those surveyed said they'll be scoring these products, with Gen Zers coming in as the age group most likely to shop makeup and/or fragrance. (78% of Gen Zers said they'll be shopping for new beauty products!) And they'll be hoping to score some major deals on their favorite brands like ColourPop, tarte, Too Faced, and Urban Decay, our survey reports.


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Although you may think electronics are the most popular buys on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, think again! Only 68% or respondents said they'll be on the hunt for new electronics. But don't assume it's the younger shoppers leading the charge. Only 51% of Gen Zers plan on scooping up new tech gadgets.

And long gone are the door buster, gotta-be-the-first-in-line days. Our Influensters realize there's no longer just one day to get major shopping deals. Now there can be up to four days of deals! A quarter of respondents plan on sleeping in on Black Friday! Sure, they'll be buying, but from the comfort of their own homes and online. And you better bet they'll be doing their research and reading reviews first: 93% plan to research Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals before shopping. Notably, online reviews is the #1 determining factor of what respondents are going to buy on Black Friday, followed by social media and brand websites, according to respondents. That doesn't mean that no one will be setting an alarm for the morning after Thanksgiving though! Only 27% of people shopping on Black Friday plan on sleeping in: 34% of shoppers plan on waking up before 5 a.m., and an additional 39% plan to join those early-birds before 9 a.m.!

Are you ready to shop this Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Stay tuned to Influenster for all the deals and bargains you're going to want to score. And don't forget to sign up for Influenster CashBack to get exclusive offers and make money on your purchases!

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