Everything You Need For Your First Tough Mudder

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

Ever been tempted to put your fitness skills to the test with an obstacle race? Events such as Tough Mudder have been gaining popularity among the fitness crowd over the past few years, and for good reason—they're a true test of strength and endurance. With each race boasting a ten to thirteen-mile course, 20 obstacles, and you guessed it, lots and lots of mud, many athletes and adventure seekers flock to these events to put their skills to the test. We got the chance put our skills (or lack thereof!) to the test this past weekend when we joined Merrell for a Tough Mudder. Although we might not have left Electroshock Therapy unscathed, we did manage to survive, thanks to a few key items. Read on to see our list of everything you need to survive your first Tough Mudder!

Race Day: 

scunci No Slip Grip Hair Ties, $3.36 at Target

You're going to be so busy crawling under barbed wire, climbing over walls, and jumping into mud pits, the last thing you have time to worry about is your hair. Make sure it's held securely in place with no-tug elastics that promise a no slip grip!

Vaseline Lip Therapy, $1.89 at Target

We learned this handy tip from a fellow Mudder: Apply Vaseline around your ankles where your socks and shoes rub to prevent chaffing. We followed her advice and found our ankles were the only part of our body left unscathed!

Merrell All Out Crush Tough Mudder shoes, $100 at merrell.com

If there's one piece of advice we would stress enough it would be this: Opt for shoes with excellent traction. We wore our Merrell kicks all day and found they got us through ten miles of trail running, a successful run up Everest 2.0, several wall climbs, and navigating our way to the celebratory beer at the finish! With drainage ports and abrasion-resistant material, this shoe was also a breeze to clean up post race.

Garmin Vivoactive Activity Tracker, $214.99 at Amazon

If you're going to be doing all this trekking around, you might as well get credit on your tracker for your hard work! This do-it-all tracker from Garmin tracks everything from running, swimming, biking, and golf. Tramping around in mud and water? No problem for this tracker.

Nature's Bakery Stone Ground Whole Wheat Fig Bar, $2.99 at Target

We're not going to lie, we got hungry while on our run! Although the race does have water and bananas set up along the way, we benefited from the occasional snack break from our support team on the sidelines. Whether you prefer loading up on fruit, gel pack, or bars, it's important to stay full during an adventure like this. We're favoring these gluten-free, natural fig bars from Nature's Bakery. They're tasty, filling, and portable!  


Yes To Miracle Oil 2-in-1 Cleansing + Moisturizing Facial Wipes in PrimRose Oil, $5.99 at Target

The first thing we reached for (after that cold beer, of course!) was a face wipe. To clean up mud, sweat, and all-around grossness, we turned to Yes To's latest launch in the facial wipe world. Saturated with luxe Primrose oil, this wipe cleanses, soothes, and smells ah-mazing—something we welcomed with open arms after a day spent in the mud!

Freeman Beauty Infusion Travel Size Purifying In-Shower Mask with Sea Kelp + Probiotics, $2.99 at Ulta

But nothing gets us feeling squeaky clean quite like a face mask. This one from mask authority, Freeman, contains clarifying and boosting serum infused right in the gel! Probiotics aid in helping fight breakouts, a common side effect of excessive sweat. Plus this handy travel size makes cleansing on the fly so easy!


Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream, $60 at Sephora

Although we're usually in favor of mud masks, let's just say outdoor mud and spa mud are very different. To keep your face smooth and supple after a rough and tumble day, you can't beat an enveloping cream. Lala Retro Whipped Cream is a smooth whipped formula, which hydrates even the driest skin. The best part? It nourishes without being heavy or greasy.

Ouai Haircare Treatment Masque, $14 at Sephora

Sadly, it wasn't just our skin that needed some TLC. Our locks needed some lovin' after a few dunks in mud-filled water. If you're planning on racing, stock up on your fave hair mask to save your mane! A rich, restorative mask like this one from Ouai will bring damaged cuticles and frayed strand back to life. 

PROCure Bruise Remedy Gel + Arnica Montana, $9.49 at Walgreens

Last but not least, we won't lie to you: You will get bruised during your race. It happens when you're hurling yourself through military-grade obstacles! Ease the pain and the appearance of any black and blue with this bruise remedy. It contains soothing arnica to make the morning after the big day slightly easier.

What are your race day essentials? Let us know in the comments!

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