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Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

You don't have to be a running guru to train like one. Whether you're gearing up for your first 5K or maybe your second or third, there are a few key products you need to make sure your training goes smoothly. We chatted with fitness expert and author of Ultimate Family Wellness, David Kirsch, about his top picks for healthy training.

1. Training sneakers: Any runner knows, a good pair of shoes can take you far. David favors Saucony training shoes because of their support and lightness. However, it's essential to find the proper pair for you. Stopping in at your local sneaker or running shop for a shoe analysis and fitting is a great way to talk to an expert about your specific needs out of your kicks!

2. A thin pair of running socks: The last thing you need during your race is to worry about blisters. David suggests opting for a pair of thin socks, such as Puma's Modal Low Cut socks, to prevent chafing, rubbing, and blisters.

3. Sweat-wicking running apparel: No matter when you're planning on training, you will work up a little sweat. (No pain, no gain!) Finding sweat-wicking tops and bottoms will not only make your run more comfortable, but it will also prevent chafing. Try Merrell Helio Tank 2.0 for a lightweight shirt option that still keeps moisture at bay and Nike Power Essential running leggings, which have Dri-Fit fabric to keep you dry and warm.

4. A fitness tracker: A fitness tracker is ideal for keeping you on track while training for any distance race. David loves the Fitbit Blaze for its ability to track speed and distance and gauge performance. In addition, it has other added features such as sleep tracking, GPS connectivity, and text and call display. 

5. A trusty water bottle: No matter what workout you're planning, staying hydrated is important to ensuring top performance and recovery. For your first 5K (and all your runs leading up to it), hydrate prior to hitting the pavement so you don't run out of steam halfway through. And if you wish to take your water with you, opt for a handheld water bottle or even a CamelBak Hydration Pack for some serious training hydration!

6. A circuit training workout: OK, so this one might not be a product, but according to David supplementing your running training with full body circuit training workouts will improve your strength, stamina, and recovery rate. Arm yourself with hand weights, resistance bands, and a workout mat to bring the gym home.

7. Recovery supplements: Although any workout routine requires proper nutrition, you might consider adding in a supplement to help with recovery. David recommends his One of a Kind Supplements® Muscle Restore, which is a proprietary blend of branched chain amino acids and glutamine that will help slow down muscle breakdown, give you more energy, reduce muscle soreness, and speed up muscle recovery. (Consult a physician before adding supplements or vitamins to your daily routine!)

What are your running essentials? Let us know your picks in the comments below. 

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