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Best Of: Youtube Cooking Channels

Best Of: Youtube Cooking Channels

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If you’re a visual learner like me, then Youtube cooking channels are a boon for your belly. Sometimes after reading a recipe I still get anxious that I won’t do it right and feel the need to actually see someone going through the recipe to make sure I know exactly what to do I think it’s a weird form of OCD really. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this! These Youtubers can walk you through just about any meal, and they have never let me down. 

Check them out for yourself! 

1. Simply Bakings – Every Monday, Lainey uploads delicious, easy to bake cookie recipes! Her soothing voice will walk you through each scrumptious recipe, making you feel like you can take on any recipe! 

2. The Divine Hostess – Fifi is an amazing source of healthy tips, tricks and meals. If you’re trying to get motivated to get fit or don’t know how to start- Fifi is a GREAT resource! Plus she makes a killer smoothie

3. Gemma Stafford – Gemma Stafford creates some of the most drool-worthy desserts in the world! Check out her donut macaron video. I’m pretty sure you’d agree with me after seeing that. She always has he viewers in mind and makes recipes easy to follow and create. 

4. Ochikeron – I stumbled onto this kawaii channel when I was trying to learn how to make mochi ice cream. She is the most adorable human being I have ever seen. Plus I’m totally jealous of her cute outfits and hair bows.

5. Byron Talbott – If you’re looking a variety of different types of food, savory and sweet, Byron Talbott can show you the way. He has a nice mix of recipes of varying difficulties so you can test out your cooking skills and challenge yourself! 

6. Entertaining with Beth – If you’re trying to impress your dinner guests, look no further than Entertaining with Beth. She helps you with appetizers, meals and desserts that are always crowd pleasers! I’ve never had a bad experience with any of her recipes!

7. My Cupcake Addiction – If you have kids or love cake decorating, this is the channel for you. Who knew making a show-stopping cake could be so easy?

8. Dulce Delight – Faiza is one of the best detail-oriented teachers on Youtube. She explains the science behind her baking and has some pretty sweet dance moves. She has a colorful personality that you can’t help but like her. 

9. Bhavna’s Kitchen – Bhavna will help you make some of the best vegetarian/vegan dishes that’ll please just about anyone. She focuses a lot on Indian cooking and if you’re looking to expand your world, she’s the right person to teach you!

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