Best of the Year: Our Social Media Manager's Top Beauty Items of 2018

Jess's 2018 Greatest Hits!

Make sure you check out our  Social Media & Community Strategist's Greatest Beauty Hits of 2018, and stay tuned for our Senior Editor's picks! Jess is here with her top products of the year. See what new products became her go-tos! 


1. Herbivore Botanicals Rose Quartz Facial Roller 

"I am addicted to rolling! Seriously, I had my doubts, but now that I've started, I can't-stop-won't-stop". I've started rolling every morning, and every night before bed, and I can't travel without my roller now. I can not only tell when I don't use my roller because my eyes are puffy, but because my sinuses feel worse. Game changer!" 

2. GlamGlow Star Potion 

"This stuff is actual magic. 2018 was the year of activated charcoal for me. (Shout-out to my new favorite toothpaste from Hello!) This was the first face oil I tried, and I was dubious, but I feel like it's actually made my skin have an actual glow! The second you put it on, your skin also feels amazing. Also, the novelty of putting on the dark potion and watching it become transparent as you use it will never grow old for me. Like a lot of GlamGlow's products, it's so much fun to use."


3. Clairisonic Mia

"2018 was the year my pores decided to become giant and make their presence known, and started defeating my normal allies in the battle against them (primer and foundation), so I started trying to fight it at the skincare level. My first realization, after using the Mia, was that there was no way I was getting my makeup off with water and a washcloth as well as this amazing tool was ever going to be able to. My favorite feature is the one minute timer: I also realized that I wasn't washing my face for nearly long enough. Also: they're adorable. I've named mine R2Mi2, and I highly recommend getting one of your own!" 

4. tarte Sweet Escape Set 

"This collector's set is not only the makeup version of my spirit animal (sequins, pineapples, and 👑, oh my!), it's chock a block full of some of my favorite makeup of the year. The lipstick is the perfect nude shade, the eyeliner is dark and usable even by my clumsy standards, and the colors! I'm obsessed with the eyeshadows, and it's even inspired me to start getting more daring with my color selections. It's earning it's spot on my vanity dresser many times over!"


5. Nest Fragrances Wisteria Blue 

"This perfume is my favorite scent I've ever had - or smelled on anyone else, or seen in a store. It's light and floral without being cloying, and also, not for nothing, the bottle is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It's long lasting without being overpowering, and it was my introduction to Nest, which is my new aspirational candle bae."

6. Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronze 

"There's so many things to love about this product. The scent: coconut perfection. The feel: light, not too cakey, not too powdery. The size: gigantic. The mirror: my new best friend. The shade: universally flattering, buildable, and wearable. I'm so glad I found this product this year!" 

7. Sunday Riley Good Genes 

"You know in West Side Story, when Tony starts saying "the most beautiful sound I ever heard" and "I'll never stop saying Maria"? That's how I feel about Good Genes! I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it. It makes me look like a person who drinks water, and not just coffee, and it's made my complexion more even, my pores smaller, and even a chicken pox scar from when I was five years old go away." 

8. Too Faced Better Than Birthday Sex Mascara

"Holy Grail mascara + pink, sparkly, gigantic packaging = Happy Birthday Too Faced to ME! This is so pretty, and I love it so much."


What were your top beauty products of 2018? Tell us in the comments!

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