Your First Class Ticket to The Clouds

Don’t just go to sleep, go to DreamCloud.

Steven S.
BySteven S.

The online mattress industry has hit a new high. With new mattress companies appearing left and right, maneuvering your options may be daunting. Fear not! Introducing DreamCloud, the New York-based direct-to-consumer mattress company that's making dreams come true by letting customers to try out its luxury mattress for 365 nights. And for the month of May, you can receive $200 off your order!

Founded in 2017, DreamCloud is the premium luxury 15” hybrid mattress company that combines the best of memory foam, latex, a Cashmere blend cover, tufting, and coil technology for the best sleep ever. And yes, we know, 15” mattresses are not typically offered direct-to-consumer, but DreamCloud, however, strives to offer you the most luxurious sleeping experience without the price tag or the hassle of going in-store. Amazing, right?! And with six sizes to choose from ranging from twin to California King, the ultimate sleeping experience is available to everyone.

dreamcloud mattress

Speaking of tufting—what exactly is it and what does it mean for your mattress? Well, hand-tufting is the process by which a cord is run through the mattress and is tightly anchored on the top and bottom of the mattress with a pom or rosette of yarn. This process compresses the mattress materials, binds them together, and prevents them from moving laterally within the mattress. The tufting process alone takes 1-2 hours per mattress and normally results in a lofty price tag. But not for the DreamCloud!


If you’re in the market for a new mattress, DreamCloud is it. Not totally convinced? Well, DreamCloud offers a 365-night risk-free trial, free shipping and returns, AND an ever-long warranty to give you peace of mind. And for the month of May, receive $200 off your order! Yes, really!

Are you ready for your dreamiest sleep ever? We sure are!