Best At-Home Workout Memberships to Get Your Pre-Holiday Groove Back

Trade in holiday sweats for an at-home workout sweat sesh...

Minka M.
ByMinka M.

Turkey. Ham. Eggnog. Pie. Stuffing. Mashed potatoes. Sound familiar? 

Well, it’s January and that means 50 percent of us are attempting dry January, while the other 50 percent are devoted to getting those pre-holiday bods back. It’s always challenging to put that savory buttermilk biscuit down and get back into the gym groove, and with a pandemic going on we’re facing more obstacles than ever. Luckily, fitness studios including barre, pilates, and even yoga for mamas to-be have evolved to offer the best online classes—and they’ve got some juicy intro offers to get us started. Regardless of your goals for 2021, get rid of the holiday sweats and come out of the pandemic a stronger and better version of yourself. Here are the best at-home workout memerships to get your groove back... someone really should have told Stella about these.

Price: $18/month
Intro Offer: 15-day free trial

Glo focuses on improving the body and mind through pilates, yoga and meditation. Members can explore over 4,000 on-demand class and a steady lineup of live classes from a network of world-class instructors.
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Physique 57
Price: $24.99/month or $249.99/year
Intro Offer: 7-day free trial with monthly subscription or 2 online classes for $20

Physique 57’s legendary barre studio combines cardio and strength training to give long, lean and sculptured muscles. The membership includes 300+ workouts from all levels and lengths and gives members the ability to download workouts and customize meal plans.
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The Bloom Method
Price: $29/month or $240/year
Intro Offer: $19 for your first month

Being a mom doesn’t mean sacrificing your own needs, according to The Bloom Method. The studio keeps expecting and postnatal mamas empowered with safe workouts and techniques that have been proven to prevent and heal abdominal separation while preparing you for your biggest marathon yet—birth. The monthly or annual member includes unlimited classes and on-demand content 24/7 so you can sweat it out anytime, anywhere.
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305 Fitness
Price: $28.99/month or $119/year
Intro Offer: 14-day free trial

Finally, you can dance like nobody’s watching with 305 Fitness’ outrageously fun workouts that boost confidence while helping you reach your fitness goals. The At Home All Access subscription includes daily new dance cardio classes with a DJ, and access to a library of cardio, strength, bootcamp and stretching videos.
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Peloton Digital
Price: $12.99/month
Intro Offer: Download the app and get 2 months free (new members only)

With the Peleton Digital Membership users get access to daily live classes and on-demand classes anytime, anywhere. It includes a variety of indoor and outdoor running, strength, cycling, yoga, bootcamp, meditation and more. This membership applies to those who do or don’t have Peloton equipment, i.e. a bike or treadmill.
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Price: $79/month
Intro Offer:
$495/year (limited time 50% off)

Wellness and fitness blogger Remi Ishizuka and partner Nate Pontious, a USA boxing trainer and certified Crossfit Level 1 coach founded HōmeBodies during the pandemic to bring back a sense of normalcy to our everyday lives. A membership includes seven brand new full body works a week, access to HomeBodies exclusive Facebook Community and a weekly and monthly workout accountability calendar.
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