Get Inspired to Live an "Unwrapped Life" Starting With Your Shower Habits

We talked to the CFO of the plastic-free company

Kortney K.
ByKortney K.

"Performance over packaging" is the motto of Unwrapped Life, a company that was born in 2016 from a need for change, when "plastic-free" and "zero-waste" wasn't the popular choice. Now, they spread eco-awareness and help others cut down on common single-use items and excessive packaging waste by:


Banning the bottle. Did you know that only 9% of plastics are actually recycled?

Asking that the customer use what they have - buy what you need.

Cutting down on common single-use items and excessive packaging waste.


Keep reading for an interview with Allison Teasdale, CFO for Unwrapped Life:

What are some ways that we can reduce waste in our everyday lives? 

Pick something simple and start small. We like to start in the bathroom and commit to changing one item, perhaps transitioning from body wash to a solid bar of soap, or swapping out bottled shampoo + conditioner for a bar. Bathroom waste tends to go undetected when compared to say, kitchen waste, but is a place where we see a lot of products being used that aren't regularly recycled, or can't be recycled at all (pumps, sprays)!

Pst, I can't express how good this bar smells.


Tell us a bit about the zero-waste packaging process.

It's a journey! We're always on the lookout for new innovation packaging solutions that are sustainable and regenerative. Our guiding principles for all packaging decisions is to ensure the material is composed of recycled material, end of life is fully recyclable and/or is biodegradable. We consider both the end of life of our products as well as the packaging to ensure people and the planet are preserved.


What are some of your go-to products for the colder season? 

The Hydrator is perfect for moisturizing and soothing a dry scalp during the colder months and providing extra hydration for dry ends, especially when we're due for a trim! And, our glogette exfoliating body bar is our must-have for reviving dry/ flaky skin, from head to toe.


How do you get inspo for your super creative bar scents? 

We play! We think of a place, memory or feeling and channel that inspiration into reminiscent blends. We tend to start simple with an overall feel and then build in depth and top notes until it's perfect. We also ensure that our scent blends add to and elevate the performance of the bar; they aren't there just to smell nice, they have a purpose. 

I got to try The Hydrator Shampoo + Conditioner Travel Set and my skin was ultra-soft and nourished post-use, thanks to juniper and palmarosa.

Shop the large range of plastic-free products (ranging from baby, hair, body and kids) here.


How do you try to reduce the amount of everyday waste you create at home?

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