True + Luscious Is Bringing Us More Clean, Non-Toxic Beauty Options

It's female owned, non-toxic and vertified-clean

Kortney K.
ByKortney K.

Female-founded beauty companies are our jam  so today we're going Behind The Brand of True + Luscious, a clean, non-toxic makeup brand. Products are infused with the healing power of botanicals, pure ingredients, and smart science. We talked with Founder Mehir Sethi on everything from the brand's scientific process, her own skincare regimen and working in the beauty industry:


What’s your process like to ensure that every product is plant-derived, sans irritants and harmful chemicals?


At True + Luscious our mission is to balance smart science, a love of color and the best quality ingredients to create clean makeup essentials you can use without compromising on your skin’s wellbeing. The only sure way to ensure this is to create proprietary formulas for all our products where I’m personally involved with our formulation experts that build them all from scratch. We have an extensive banned ingredients list (we follow the EU’s directive on cosmetics) and my long-standing industry relationships with the most innovative ingredient suppliers give us an edge on new innovations. 


It can be tricky to formulate makeup without more than 1800 ingredients that are very common in the industry, and the key is to keep up with innovations and to seek them out, whether it’s a new silicone alternative that performs beautifully in a face primer or an alternative to carbon black colorant for a new mascara. We apply the same philosophy to sourcing the ingredients we do use, and look for the most safe, sustainable ones. For example, waxes are commonly used in lipstick and my team and I make sure the waxes we use are either safe synthetics or sustainably produced plant products. 

With the colder season(s) coming upon us, what’s your advice to switch up our skincare routines so that our skin remains hydrated and happy?


I’m a fan of layering skin products. In the winter our skin is exposed to indoor heating, cold air and low humidity and it’s a good idea to adjust your skincare accordingly in stages of application. This is the time of year I recommend switching to two key products: a gentle cleanser to avoid stripping skin of precious moisture and a hydrating toner your skin can drink up instantly after cleansing. I follow with a light face oil and hyaluronic acid moisturising cream. Another essential to add is a lip and eye serum like Flowerdose that provides deep hydration and moisture to often-ignored and cold weather stressed your lips and eye area.  For night, an exfoliating moisturizer with fruit acids will keep dull skin at bay. 


Tell us about your fave product from True + Luscious.

We have a small but mighty assortment of high-performance products and I love them all, but my daily obsession with cold weather upon us (and the general stress of 2020!) is Flowerdose Lip & Eye Serum. I’ve been using it every day, multiple times for a comforting boost of hydration. I have Zoom calls every day where I have to wear concealer and lipstick, it soothes and hydrates my lips and under my eyes without any residue that would interfere with my makeup. 

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about working in the beauty industry?

The most important thing I’ve learned after spending my entire adult life in the beauty industry is the importance of collaboration and supporting other women. I owe a lot of my success to women in the field of beauty who helped and mentored me at every step when it was not the norm to share knowledge and information in a secretive industry. I hope to do the same by mentoring and helping under-represented founders (like I was) and lifting up others. 


Check out all of True + Luscious products here and let us know what you'll be "adding to cart".


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