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Behind the Brand: To112

Behind the Brand: To112

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We Chatted With the Creator of To112, the Beauty Line Stored in a Vibrating Sound Room

With a crush of new beauty products released every week, it takes a lot for a beauty range to stand out from the crowd. Haircare line To112 does thanks to where it's stored. The luxury beauty line is housed in a vibrating sound room. Yes, you read that right. We spoke to creator Luis Pacheco about the brand and the importance of the vibrating room.

Where did the idea for To112 come from?

"It was born of two ideas: I wanted to simplify the landscape a little. Clients were confused—should they buy a curly hair shampoo or one for their color or one to combat sun damage or dryness. Hair is hair. It's either in good shape or it's damaged. If you use a normal shampoo and conditioner that is balanced and of high quality, it will continue to care for your hair and keep it that way. If it's damaged or unruly, the only way it can be tamed and restored is through moisture, so I created a normal hair line and a dry hair line to meet those needs. It answers all hair needs regardless of style or color."

I've always seen my daily cleansing ritual as a way to reset my positive energy and wash away any interference or intention that I might pass on to others. I've spent a lot of time practicing yoga and learning self-love and wanted to be able to share that. I wanted to go a little deeper than just cleansing the superficial. I wanted to help cleanse people on a metaphysical level. Our hair is an emotional thing. Sometimes when a client says she wants something it's not actually the color she wants but a feeling of change. But if she does not feel loved and beautiful and positive on the inside, I can't make her feel that way by only changing her color. I have to share that energy with her too for the time she is with me in hopes that she can achieve the change or feeling she was after."

Where did the vibrating singing room concept come from?

"I was really moved by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto and I realized I had an opportunity to literally bottle love into an everyday collection of products. His work discovered that water holds emotion and when it is infused with positive emotion, it creates beauty.  When infused with negative emotion, it is distorted. Love and all its positivity vibrate at 528hz and sound can create that vibration. So I brought this intention into the development of the To112 products. 

All of the liquid products are stored in a vibrating room devoid of other influence—like other sounds or action—with a surround sound system playing sound that keeps the room vibrating at 528hz. This love frequency travels through the products and is absorbed by them so it can deliver that intention to the people that use it in their daily cleansing rituals. It is a subtle thing. You get great hair and soft skin because the products are of the highest quality, and they literally bathe you in positivity and love to help you stay positive through your daily interactions."

What is the room like? 

"The vibration room is simple. It is a quiet space to house the To112 products before they are delivered to customers. The sound is resonating in the space so it has a really visceral feel, not like an intense bass at a club, but more subtle and washes over you when you enter it."

How long does a product stay in there?

"From creation to delivery."

What does the name mean? And how does it relate to the line?

"'To' is an abbreviation for Tamanu Oil which is the key functional ingredient and base of all of our hair and body care products, while '112' denotes the first three numbers of the Fibonacci sequence. It is a sequence of numbers known as the 'golden ratio' discovered by a mathematician. It is a mathematical equation that can be found in nature in the formation of shells, flower petals, weather patterns, and more. It is the potential trademark of purposeful design. It was the marriage of two extremes—science and nature. Our products are the same, bringing organics into luxury beauty. It is neither wholly one or the other but exist to create beauty in harmony with both." 

How important is it to have a line free from harmful ingredients?

"Try to live a clean life and be aware of what comes into contact with your skin daily. I don't believe in being so extreme that you can't achieve what you are after, but you should consider that things that are absorbed through the skin should not be in the things you lather up with daily. Healthy alternatives are created all the time, so, why use things that aren't good for you when there are alternatives that are just as effective? They will help you achieve your end goal or look without being toxic. I wanted to create something I feel good using and that's To112." 

What product was the trickiest to formulate?

"The first shampoo was definitely the trickiest. There were things that I hadn't considered, like being color safe! I am a colorist and I somehow overlooked that in the first iteration of the product. I'm happy I caught it in the testing phase so we were able to bring such a superior product to market."

What has been the most challenging part of working on the brand?

"Definitely being a small fish in a sea of beauty. It's hard to create awareness and be visible and respected for what we are trying to create when there is a lot of misinformation out there for consumers that feel like they have to be completely granola otherwise they will be drowning in chemicals. Getting people to believe that a product that is safe and natural as possible is also effective and luxurious, and the opposite of that where a product that is luxurious and effective can also be safe and natural."

What has been your greatest moment so far?

"Being invited into Vogue and InStyle and other reputable publications has definitely been a highlight. The spiritual element of this product could turn people off, but they wanted to hear about it. And being acknowledged by these leaders of  the beauty, fashion and luxury industry was a great, great thing."

 What's next for the brand?

"Candles! One of the happy coincidences of our products is that all the scents are natural and from essential oils. They smell so great and have such an uplifting effect we're in the process of developing natural-scented 100% beeswax candles. I'd also like to move into a more comprehensive styling line but there is no timeline for that at the moment."

Have you ever tried T0112 products? Do you like the brand's mission of love and intention? Comment below!

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