African Pride: A Black-Run, Female Operated Company

We go Behind the Brand in this Q and A

Kortney K.
ByKortney K.

Not only is African Pride a leading hair care product manufacturer, but the company is black-run and all female operated. You may know some of their standout products, like African Pride Anti-Breakage Créme or their Honey, Chocolate and Coconut Oil Conditioner, but there's so much more that standouts about this African Pride as as a company. Keep reading for our exclusive interview with Morrishane Collins, Global Sales Director at Godrej, African Prides' parent company:

We recently wrote an article on natural hair in the workplace, do you have any input or general thoughts on the topic? 

In my career, I have been fortunate to be able to freely express myself in whatever hairstyle I like. At African Pride, we actually get excited when someone comes into the office with a new natural hairstyle. You’d be surprised at how many product concepts came about just from someone in the office expressing a challenge they may have had on wash day. It’s still hard to fathom that there are/were “standards” against a woman wearing her natural hair in the workplace. How a woman wears her hair is self-expression and she should not have to make others feel “comfortable” about her hairstyle choice.

Any advice for breaking into the beauty industry? It can often seem super cliquey. On that note, any networking advice? 

I encourage everyone to keep their professional networking site profiles up to date. Companies, ours included, are constantly looking for new talent. The most common way for organizations to get a large pool of potential hires is through professional networking sites and recruiters. I actually got into this industry through a recruiter. My background is in consumable goods, a completely different industry from beauty. 

Tell us a bit more about the #TakePrideAndVote campaign. 

This fall, we unveiled our #TakePrideAndVote campaign in partnership with Tina Lawson, businesswoman, cosmetologist and ambassador for And Still I Vote, a national call to action spearheaded by The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, to empower Black and Brown communities across the country to take back the vote this November 2020. This partnership centered around our "Talks With Mama Tina Instagram Live Series", empowered by African Pride.Talks With Mama Tina featured an array of celebrity guests and activists where conversations were centered around community, civic engagement, faith, love, and engaging with our youth.

African Pride has invested in a lot of various ways to Black communities –  like donating $500k to create loan forgiveness, and supporting various Black communities devastated by natural disasters. What can we expect in 2021?

As a brand led by Black women, we carry this mission daily and are working behind the scenes for change. We will continue to amplify Black voices and invest in our communities. We will continue supporting ventures with some of our existing partnerships as well as a few new partners we are making plans with for 2021. 

Have you tried African Pride products? What are some of your favorites?! 

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