Behind the Brand: AVP of Marketing at Maybelline

Behind the Brand: AVP of Marketing at Maybelline

Ever wonder WHO the faces are behind the amazing beauty brands you know and love? Well, now's your chance to meet them! In this Influenster series Behind the Brand, we'll sit down and chat with some of the amazing women who keep our favorite companies thriving. 

So, we sat down with Detty Nkonko, AVP of Marketing, at none other than Maybelline, to chat about out what it takes to make it in the workplace, how to prepare for an interview, and the next big thing when it comes to makeup. 



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The best job you've ever had? As I’ve moved through my career I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to choose what the next move was going to be. Consequently, every job has always felt like the best job to date. This is no different. I can’t imagine anything I’d rather be doing than leading the Maybelline Face business for the US right now. The category is exploding and Maybelline is at the forefront, resonating with consumers and delivering the innovations they crave - it’s a dream experience.


To prep for an interview someone should always... know the part and act the part. If you know everything about a job, but don’t convey confidence in delivery and don’t present yourself in a way that signals you would fit into the organization, you’re not fully prepared.


What is your favorite part about your job? Where do I start? I love the beauty industry. Beauty products typically take up half my luggage space whenever I travel. Getting to work in an industry that I already love and am so heavily invested in makes work not feel like work at all. That topped with getting to work with amazing, dynamic, hilarious co-workers who are smart, entrepreneurial, and equally passionate about beauty… it doesn’t get any better.



Any words of advice for women in or entering the workplace? Be bold, fearless and show up every single time as the undisputed owner and leader of anything and everything you are responsible for. One of my mentors once said to me: it’s better to be a wild bull that your manager needs to rein in than be a timid sheep that your manager needs to kick out door. Implementing that feedback changed everything.


How do you handle setbacks, whether it be a missed opportunity, something not turning out your way, or disagreeing with a co-worker? If it’s a missed opportunity, I make sure I learn what went wrong so that it never happens again and find myself being hypersensitive to any situation that starts to resemble the one I missed. Disagreements with co-workers are standard daily fair - in my mind, part of doing business and having a team. If we all agreed and saw things the same way all the time, we wouldn’t really need each other. The best ideas come out of challenging, debating and provoking stronger thinking. Challenges from co-workers make be a better business person.


What's the most valuable lesson you've learned from working? The most important relationship you have in the entire building is the one you have with your manager. Nurture it. All other relationships are secondary. Historically, having a great working relationship with my managers have always opened doors in ways that wouldn’t be possible had those relationships not been there.



So, we have to ask - what's the BEST Maybelline product of all time?

The best is honestly yet to come. I’m completely obsessed with SuperStay Better Skin right now, but cannot even begin to share how excited I am about the foundation Maybelline is launching in January.


So, what's your dream job? Does it involve working at a beauty powerhouse like Maybelline? Tell us in the comments below!

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