BECCA Has a New Under Eye Collection Coming

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in 2018.

ByCaitlin M.

As much as we'd like to say 2018 will be the year of eight-hour nights of sleep, we know that simply won't always be the case. To help combat the inevitable late night or two, BECCA Cosmetics is dropping a brand new collection geared to help tackle all of the signs of tired eyes. Get ready for the new BECCA Bright Eyes collection, Influensters! 


Designed to take on the tell-tale signs of tired, worn-out peepers, BECCA's Bright Eyes products focus on de-puffing, brightening, and setting your concealer. The collection will include a brand new primer, brightening setting powder, and a shade extension of the brand's Under Eye Brightening Corrector.

First up, to prep the under eye are for a smooth makeup application there's the new Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer ($32.00, Sephora). This balm activates when warmed with your fingers and instantly smooths out fine lines for a blurred effect. Complete with cooling and calming cucumber, as well as invigorating caffeine and matcha green tea, this primer acts as a mini eye treatment to de-puff the under eye area and prepare it for a crease-free makeup application.

under eye brightening concealer
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Next, there's a brand new shade of the already popular Under Eye Brightening Corrector ($32.00, Sephora). The new medium to dark shade offers the same creamy full-coverage effect as the Brightening Corrector Influensters know and love. This natural-looking color-correcting concealer contains fine light-reflecting particles to "back light" skin, thus concealing dark circles and illuminating the area under the eyes.

And of course, you've got to have something to hold it all in place and keep those peepers bright-eyed—literally—all day long. Enter the Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder ($25.00, Sephora). This loose powder not only keeps your makeup in place so it lasts and lasts, but it also goes on adds a touch of brightening to the mix. The fine pearl powders help to blur and illuminate all while going on completely transparent so there's no white tint!

These new Bright Eyes launches are set to hit BECCA's website later this month. Stay tuned to Influenster to learn more!

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