beautyblender's Newest Product Is A Triple Threat

Spray and slay.

ByCarlie D.

When it comes to beauty, we love using products that do more than one thing for us. A versatile product is the ultimate must-have, especially when it leaves us looking flawless. Our latest obsession? beautyblender’s RE-DEW Set & Refresh Spray. This do-it-all mist hydrates, adds luminosity, and refreshes makeup. Supercharged with antioxidants, white birch extract, hyaluronic acid, and soothing probiotics, a spritz of RE-DEW will instantly plump and hydrate while simultaneously nourishing and balancing the skin. You'll be asking, is there anything this product can’t do?! Honestly, no! Keep reading to find out all of the ways you could incorporate RE-DEW into your daily routine. 


Want to add a dewy finish to your look? 

Spray it on after finishing your makeup to give your skin a glowy and dewy look. You can also apply directly to blender and bounce it along your cheekbones for extra highlight.



Need to refresh during the day?

Mist directly to face or onto blender to retouch makeup and add hydration during your afternoon slump.


Looking to rehydrate on-the-go?

A spritz of RE-DEW will have you looking fresh, even after a long plane ride or a sweaty gym sesh.



Excited to give RE-DEW a whirl? You can pick it up at Sephora

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