Beauty Expert Jenny Patinkin on the Benefits of Skincare Tools and How To Use Them

Get more out of your favorite skincare products with the right beauty tools

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

We Influensters love our skincare. Be it serums, eye creams, face masks or moisturizers we just can't get enough. And then of course, there are the beauty and skincare tools that take all of those products to the next level. Skincare fridges, facial rollers, derma rollers, gua shas, oh my! We wantscratch thatneed them all. But do we really know why? And with so many options abound, how do you know which skincare tools are the right match for you?

We caught up with celebrity makeup artist and brand founder, Jenny Patinkin to get the real, real on her line of beautiful rose quartz skincare tools, what their benefits are and how to use them. 


Why have you chosen to focus on beauty tools versus makeup or skincare formulas? 

I am a huge beauty tool fan, so right off the bat, it was a natural move. But I was also doing so much beauty expert work with so many different types of products, focusing on tools allowed me the flexibility to continue to work both as a makeup artist and as a beauty expert because my tool assortment pairs great with both color cosmetics and skincare. 

Can you explain why your brand embraces clean beauty standards? 

For so long, the idea of luxury beauty was limited mostly to the very expensive designer and department store brands that didn’t have any awareness of how their products might impact the earth. Many of them were (and are) so grossly overpackaged and wasteful it was making me feel guilty and sad. I wanted to show that you can have luxury AND be earth-aware. All of my products are gorgeous AND either organic, sustainably sourced, vegan, recyclable or repurpose-able, including my packaging. I really try to limit waste. 

Can you explain the benefits of a Derma Roller along with any advice on how to use it? How often should one use a derm roller? 

My Derma Roller is a product absorption tool. It makes tens and tens of thousands of tiny, painless channels in the skin so that your skincare products have many more points of access where they can get a little deeper into the skin and work more efficiently at a cellular level. I suggest using it once a week to start, and then going to as many as 5 times per week if you want. My technique for using it is very conservative and gentle, following vertical, horizontal, and diagonal patterns that limit the likelihood of irritation instead of rolling all willy-nilly or aggressively. 

Can you share why one might use a Gua Sha and what the differences are between them and Face Rollers? 

Face Rolling is a quick fix beauty tool. Within seconds, you get the aesthetics ben fits and can get out the door, and you can do it anytime, anywhere. Gua Sha is a slower-paced Mind-Body-Soul tool because your skin has to be prepped with oils or other moisturizers to do it. I find the repetition of the long, slippery strokes to be like a moving meditation - calming to the mind as well as being helpful to the appearance of the skin. With both tools, you get the soul benefit of the energy healing properties that come from Rose Quartz.  


What would you say the main benefits of a facial roller are? And what would be the best routine to follow to encourage results? 

Face Rollers do three things: reduce the appearance of inflammation and puffiness, help boost your circulation for more radiance and glow, and give you the appearance of smoother, more lifted skin. All you have to do to get the benefits is roll up and out on the face, aiming for the front of the ears where the lymphatic drainage points are. Rolling back and forth feels great, but it just moves the fluids around instead of draining them away. You can do it on dry skin, over your skincare, or even on top of makeup if you want. 


Have you tried any skincare tools like facial rollers or gua shas yet? Tell us what you think about them in the comments!