Beauty Review: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Hi guys! Today I have the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gels to share with you. If you're not familiar with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line, it's an affordable gel polish system that cures with a special top coat instead of a lamp. It also removes with normal polish remover - no soaking or scraping! It's said to last up to 14 days in 2 easy steps. Is it too good to be true -- or is it worth giving a shot?

The polish I'm reviewing from the Miracle Gel line is called Grey Matters ($6, Amazon), which is a medium, aqua-blue toned, grey creme. I love this color, it's really pretty and unique.

Applying this gel polish is quick and easy! You apply 2 coats (per the instructions) of the Miracle Gel color, Grey Matters, followed by a coat of Miracle Gel Top Coat ($4.79, Target). Grey Matters applied just like regular polish and was easy to clean up my mistakes with my ELF Concealer Brush ($1, Target).

There are no instructions on how long to wait to apply the top coat, so I guessed? LOL. The dry time equals the gel cure time. I applied 2 coats of Grey Matters, waited a few minutes and the applied the Top Coat. The top coat was also smooth, not thick at all, and easy to apply.

The drying process was interesting. I was worried because it looked like I applied the top coat too soon; it looked like it smeared the base color... but the smeary streaks ended up fading away as it dried. My mani was still dent-able after 30 minutes. It took about a full hour for it to dry completely. I did notice the polish change after it dried, tiny random bubbles were visible in some nails. The next morning I noticed my ridges started to show through the polish. (I don't have ridges on my left hand because I buff them down -- bad bad, I KNOW!! But my ridges are super deep and it's easier to do that instead of a ridge filling base coat for every swatch lol). I'm wondering if a 3rd coat of Grey Matters would have fixed the ridges issue?

Here are my nails 5 days after applying the Miracle Gel. These nails have been washin' some dishes, scrubbin' the house, doin' some laundry, washin' my crazy hair, and playin' at the beach. I wasn't gentle on them, to say the least! Aside from the 2 chips, I was pretty impressed at the tip wear. I goofed and I didn't seal my tips, next time I will for sure. I'm sure that would prevent the chips! For me 5 days is the max I usually get out of my manis, and 75% of the time the wear is more drastic than this. It didn't last for me as long as light gel manis usually do, but I'm still impressed.

If you're not feelin' Grey Matters, don't worry! Sally Hansen has FORTY-SEVEN Miracle Gel shades! Check 'em out below:

In addition to being a quick 2 step application, the removal is the best part! This gel polish comes off with regular polish remover. I used Zoya's Remove ($10, Ulta) + and it came off just like plain 'ol nail polish. No soaking or scraping this polish off your pretty nails. LOVE IT!

What do you think of the Miracle Gel line? Have you tried any? If not, are you planning on it? I think I might pick up another color to try some nail art designs and a color I'd rather wear on my toes.

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