6 Beauty Products That Smell Like Dessert

Indulge away.

ByCaitlin M.

In the beauty world, next to performance, we venture that fragrance is the next most important (and noticeable!) aspect of a product. Some people love a light fragrance. Some people love a dark fragrance. And then there are some of us who want our favorite products to smell like our favorite desserts. Eyeshadow that smells like chocolate, lip scrub that smells like a tartlet—yep, if it's sweet and remotely reminds you of the candy aisle, we're all about it!

Love that sweet scent as much as we do? Check out these six beauty products so yummy they're made for any sweet tooth. And with the holidays around the corner, we can't think of a better time to indulge a little!

What is your favorite sweet scent? Share below!

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