Beauty Hack: How to use Covergirl Ultra Smooth Foundation

Beauty Hack: How to use Covergirl Ultra Smooth Foundation

Choosing a foundation can be tricky.  Once you've found "the one," you want to make sure that you're getting the best out of it. Here at Influenster we've recently fallen in love with the COVERGIRL UltraSmooth Foundation. You might have been one of the lucky few to receive one in your Refresh VoxBox. This foundation has become our favorite for two specific reasons: the applicator and the Olay serum. 

The applicator may look different at first, but after a couple of uses we realized what our beauty routine had been missing all along. From redness, blemishes, and the fine baby hairs on our face, this foundation can cover it all. COVERGIRL UltraSmooth Foundation leaves our skin looking flawless, no matter how close you get.

Let us show you how it works -- from bare faced to beautiful in a few simple steps:


Foundation Tutorial



Covergirl Ultra Smooth Foundation

Hold the applicator as you would a pen or pencil - thumb on one side, middle and pointer finger supporting on the other. This will make it easy for you to manipulate the applicator to the contours of your face. 


Covergirl Bloom Mascara

If you're going for a fresh-faced, natural look, combine this foundation with the COVERGIRL Full LashBloom by Lashblast Mascara. This mascara will give you full, yet natural and soft looking lashes. These long, soft lashes are a beautiful accent to your flawless skin.



1. If you love your foundation you want it to last, right? Well then, you should start using this applicator! Because of it's texture and form, it ensures that all of your foundation goes from the container to your face. This is the perfect formula for making your foundation last!


2. The applicator's rubbery texture makes it super flexible. Because of this, you can easily get to all of those hard to reach creases on your face. Whether it's around your nose, eyes, or neck, the applicator makes it easy to apply smooth, even texture throughout.


3. Because the applicator can bend to any shape, it's pretty low maintenance. Throw it in your purse, makeup bag, or clutch and take it with you.  It's an easy accesory for any girl on-the-go. 


Have you tried the COVERGIRL UltraSmooth Foundation? If so, comment below! If you want to learn more about this foundation click here!

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