Beauty Around the World: Rice-Infused Products in Japan

These days, we're used to looking to food to find the latest skincare craze, but this week's ingredient goes far beyond a modern day spotlight—it had ancient beginnings. Rice was used as cleansing agent centuries ago by Geishas who would use rice bran to soften their skin and hair, bathing in the water leftover from rinsing uncooked rice. Rice bran or komenuka contains enzymes and antioxidants that simultaneously soothe and soften skin.

Rice not only nourishes the skin and prevents wrinkles, but it also works as a shield against UV damage and, when infused with oil, gives skin a boost of vitamins E and B. This powerhouse antioxidant is found in loads of Japanese skincare products. Ahead, you'll find four products that harness the power of rice.

Tatcha Polished: Classic Rice Powder ($65) 

Tatcha classic rice powder

This creamy, water-activated rice powder washes away impurities from the skin, leaving it with a silky soft finish. Plus, it tackles fine lines and helps with hyper pigmentation and breakouts.

P.S. I’ve been using this powder for a week now and I’ve noticed a significant difference in the way my skin looks and feels. My rosacea has gone down and my skin feels baby soft! Highly, highly recommend!

Keana Nadeshiko Rice Face Mask ($13.32)

Keana Nadeshiko

This sheet mask is infused with a nourishing serum made of Japanese-grown rice and sake. Together, these powerhouse ingredients hydrate the pores, making the skin look significantly firmer.

Shiro Nuka Rice Bran Skin Revitalizer Powder ($32)

Shiro Nuka Rice Bran Skin Revitalizer

Effective for all skin types, Shiro Nuka's rice powder works to improve dry, sensitive, or aging skin. The process of using this product is similar to the old-fashion way of doing it: filling the provided sach bag with three tablespoons of powder into a bowl of lukewarm water. From there it turns into a milky cleanser that can be used anywhere from your face to your elbows and hands. 

Kome Japanese Rice Bran Toning SoapNuka ($16)

rice bran toning soap

This handmade soap helps tone, soften, brighten and nourish skin with the super ingredient of vitamin E from rice bran. Plus, it contains another good-for-you ingredient called Squalene that helps slow moisture loss and keep skin soft and supple. 

Have you used any of these products? Tell us in the comments below! 

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