Our Latest VoxBox Has Five Epic Products

From CBD-skincare line Balans Labs

ByKortney K.

Balans Labs hemp-derived skincare lines are scientifically engineered for visible benefits via sensorial products that fit seamlessly into your daily routine. We wanted to spread the word, so we sent out two unique VoxBoxes with lots of products for our members to try! Here's what they got: 

Balans Labs Body Balm is ideal for massaging small areas, and absorbs fast to ease stressful, everyday moments.

CBD-Infused Body Roll-On is a fast-absorbing liquid balm that provides hydration with a relaxing scent.

CBD-Infused Body Lotion helps relax your body, while restoring and enhancing skin with long-lasting moisturization.

Balans Labs Premium Face Mask is a lightweight and reusable face covering that is infused with copper and hemp technologies.

CBD-Infused Hydrating Serum is highly concentrated and packed with targeted nutrients, this ultra-hydrating serum helps improve the appearance of skin tone and texture.

CBD-Infused Day Cream is lightweight and gentle, while protecting your skin. You'll feel hydrated and refreshed all day.

CBD-Infused Night Cream helps you wake up to a revitalized, healthy-looking complexion. This Night Cream delivers intense moisture and vital nutrients while you sleep.

CBD-Infused Eye Cream  gently moisturizes and helps transform under-eye skin for a brighter and more toned appearance.

Looking for CBD-goodies for your scalp? We got you!

 What are your thougths on CBD-skincare? 

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