Desk Accessories for the Work Win

They say you are what you eat, but we’ll agree to disagree. We think it's your office space that says a lot more about you. Although some may count sticky notes as a proper “decoration,” others think desk space deserves a bit more detail. So, to get in the spirit of back-to-school shopping (and general office space overhauls!), we culled a variety of desk accessories that scream personality. After all, if you’re going to spend half your time hovered at your desk, it may as well be a stylish one.

For the avid note taker


Price: Kate Spade pencils, $16 from 

Never miss a grammar mistake with these Carrie Bradshaw-esque pencils to accompany your perfectly planned out organizer. 

For the hyper-organized

chic organizer

Price: Printed Desk Accessories-Black White Stripe with Gold Trim, $24.99 at PB Teen 

Clutter is inevitable when you’re studying. Consider this chic organizing kit to keep your desk in tip-top shape. It’s not half bad to look at either!

For the tech-savvy


Price: HiRise Deluxe Charging Stand via Devices, $47.99 at

You’ve got to charge your smart gadgets somehow, so why not use a sleek device? Have this modern stand take you to full battery.

For the foodie


Price: Tokyo Pen Macaron Erasers, $.99 at Tokyo Pen Shop 

These are almost too cute to use. But, everyone makes a few mistakes here and there. These macaron erasers will make the process smoother and your desk sweeter!

For the animal lover

Urban Outfitters dry erase board

Price: Dry Erase Memo Elephant, $26 at Urban Outfitters 

Dry erase boards seriously come in handy when you’re planner is sitting too far away from you, am I right? This elephant dry erase board from Urban Outfitters is giving us major desk interior envy.

What’s your favorite on this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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