These AXE Scents Will Help You Play It Cool

Guys, you’re going to want in on this...

Dear men (and women who like their guys to smell like a sprawling field of...manliness), we’ve got a VoxBox for you. We’re sending a collection of AXE products in their newest scents including Ice Chill body spray and antiperspirant stick, Ice Chillin’ body wash, and Apollo deodorant wipes. Read on to learn more about the products going out to some of our lucky members:


Ice Chill Body Spray and Antiperspirant Stick

Get ready for a fresh blend of frozen lemon and crisp eucalyptus that keep you smelling fresh for hours...the body spray lowers your body temperature by 11 degrees so you can keep your chill…


Ice Chillin’ Body Wash

This body wash will really wake you up, with a burst of mint and lemon. Use in the shower for a foamy lather and then rinse. You'll be rocking that fresh scent for at least eight hours after.


Apollo Deodorant Wipes

On the go? Not a problem, these deodorant wipes will keep up with your hectic day. Use them wherever you need to wipe away sweat or grime (behind the neck, underarms, or chest). Toss it in your bag to use throughout the day or after a workout. Plus you’ll smell amazing with this blend of green fruits, sandalwood, and fresh sage.


We can’t to hear everyone’s first impressions and see your pics on Instagram! Didn’t get this VoxBox? Learn how you could get one here.

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