Attention Target Style Lovers: You're Not Going to Want to Miss This

Check out this out-of-the-VoxBox opportunity 

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

If you're a Target shopper, we think it's pretty safe to assume that you've dipped your cart into the clothing department more than once. It really is so easy to do so with all of the on-trend, affordable fashions dangled right in your view of the laundry detergent aisle. After all, can you even call it a Target run if there isn't at least one style score in your bag?

Well, Influensters, get excited because we are about to make your next Target style purchase an opportunity to become so much more than a cute top. Whether you are shopping for mens, womens, plus, maternity, or swim, Target is offering style shoppers a chance to score CashBack along with a chance to be featured on

This out-of-the-VoxBox Influenster campaign is going to run for five months. Over the course of that time, you can shop designated pieces from a Target line and provide high quality photos along with a review for each piece that you purchase. We're looking to feature Influensters who have an eye for fashion and a passion for style, not to mention a knack for taking expert level photos and writing stellar product reviews. 

Note: the cashback will only be provided if you complete the campaign activities.

Interested? Take this survey for a chance to be included in this special Influenster x Target style challenge!

Not sure what a winning photo looks like? Take a look at a few of our Influensters who have scored some Target style love in past campaigns: 


Photo Credit: The Chris C Wise

Photo credit: Ames Adventures

Photo Credit: With Just a Touch of Magic

Photo Credit: Bourgeoisie B

Learn more about Content Creator, Reggie Butler here!

Photo Credit: Shleby Poskochil


Are you in? Let us know if you'll be submitting your own photos and reviews for some special Target style looks!