Artis Teamed Up With One of Your Favorite Beauty Influencers

Time to brush up, Influensters!

ByCaitlin M.

Influensters are some of the most beauty savvy around. So when a good makeup collaboration comes along, they're usually the first of their friends to get the scoop. And the latest buzz on the beauty street? Beauty influencer Nicole Guerriero has teamed up with cult favorite beauty tool brand, Artis for a very special holiday collection. 

artis brush Nicole Guerriero

Artis is known for their innovative oval makeup brushes, which feature a new fiber technology —CosmeFibre® technology—and an ergonomic handle that provide a flawless airbrush finish. Now, fans of Nicole already know she's known for her flawless look and makeup tutorials, so this pairing really only seems like a match made in makeup heaven, if you ask us! For the #NicoleGxArtis Special 3 Brush Set, Nicole chose three of Artis' brushes from the Elite Mirror Brush collection to create a must-have kit for the ultimate beauty buff.

artis brushes
L to R: Oval 6, Oval 3, Oval 1

Nicole's set includes the best-selling Oval 6, which is ideal for applying foundation, concealer, highlighter, blush, and even skincare products. Next, the kit also includes the Oval 3, which is more of a compact brush is a great size for the eyelid area as well as a more targeted contour or concealer application. Lastly, the kit includes the Linear 1, which features a thin row of fibers that allow for precise line application for eyes and brows. See how Nicole puts the brushes to use below.



The three-piece set is available right now for $99. Now, we know that's a pretty penny for brushes, but with a 4.8 star-rating on Influenster, some glowing reviews, and Nicole's seal of approval, we're thinking this might be the perfect big ticket holiday wishlist addition! Take a peek at some of the knockout reviews below!

"The first time I used these brushes, I was amazed, in love, shocked, ALL IN ONE! My face tends to be a little dry and I HATE using my fingers or a beauty blender, and these brushes are the ultimate solution for me. They glides across my skin so well and they're super soft😊 LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!"

—Sierra J.

"Artis are the softest brushes I have ever encountered. I was blown away. They work very well for foundation application and feel amazing. I highly recommend these. I only own one but I need the whole set!"

—Jenny S.

"If I could give these brushes six stars, I would. They are pricey but super worth it. My makeup looks ridiculously flawless after using these brushes! They are something to get used to, but I love them."

—Alexis H.


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