It's Officially Aquarius Season — Here's How To Make The Most of It

The stars have aligned to create Influenster's new astrology series...starting with Aquarius!

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As Aquarius season officially kicks off, our astrology expert Lara Arbore of Third Eye Theory shares how Aquarians can stimulate their thoughts and purpose by envisioning the future and bringing it to existence. Plus, we've curated a few Aquarian must-haves to help guide you and help you feel your best through the season of your sign. And, if you are not an Aquarius, but have a friend, parent or SO who is, these insights can help you understand and support the water bearer in your life. 

First, Here's a Little About the Sign:
Despite having the word "aqua" in its name, Aquarius joins fellow zodiac signs Gemini and Libra as the third Air sign. Much like air, Aquarian personalities vary and fail to have a single or definitive shape. While one Aquarian might be quiet and reserved, another might be sociable energetic.

Difference aside, Aquarius is considered the most humanitarian sign of all—recognized as one who brings nourishment to Earth, the "Water Bearer" symbol naturally translates into the progressive and idealistic personality of an Aquarius that is determined to change the world. With rather curious tendencies, Aquarians are drawn to learning (anything from tech to art) and often come off as eccentric when expressing their creative ways.


Dates:  January 20 - February 18
Element: Air
Symbol: Water Bearer
Planet: Uranus
Lucky Stone (not to be confused with birthstone)Amethyst
Aquarius Positive Traits: Assertive, humanitarian, independent, visionaries, intellectual, open minded
Aquarius Less Desirable Traits: Extremist, impulsive, stubborn, overly idealistic, unpredictable


Here's what Aquarians should avoid this season: 
Fixating on one certain path or pattern. Remember, there’s always more than one way to do something and you should allow yourself to be open to new ideas.

  • Overthinking a thought in your brain—move the energy! Walk and talk it out and repeat the mantra "anything is possible, I can do anything”.
  • Allowing logic or "reality" to place you in a box. Allow your wildest dreams to become realized when you envision, believe and speak them into existence.
  • Self-isolating for too long. Share what you have discovered about yourself with others. Connect to Self as well as the Collective.

What To Focus on Instead:

  • Expand your vision for your future. Exercise an "anything is possible" mindset. Have a conversation with your future self—what can you do here and now to make progress towards this world you are co-creating with the Universe.
  • Celebrate friendship! Join groups, get online, expand your network.
  • Connect with your nature and indulge in your true passions to inspire and stimulate progress in your purpose. This can be by learning, reading and even discovering new podcasts.

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Clear Your Mind with Meditation and Fresh Air
All of this stimulation to our brains while manifesting the future can create lots of electricity, so be sure to meditate, Aquarius. Stay present and listen to the breath through deep breathing and massage the temples to promote healthy circulation. Allow the mind to create the space it needs with fresh air: take frequent walks outside and clean the air in your home with an air purifier.

Release Energy with Oils and Flows
Aquarius is associated with ankles, shins and the circulatory system. Practice gliding your thumb between your tibia and fibula to release any pressure. Yoga poses that allow Aquarius’ energy to flow across the body are child’s pose, triangle pose, runners stretch, standing split and warrior 1 and 2. If you’re still sensing pressure and built-up energy, the use of essential oils can help aid poor circulation for the Aquarius: cypress, coriander, geranium, ginger, eucalyptus, neroli and lemon.

Essentials Inspired by the Aquarian Gemstone
Stimulate your third eye chakra by surrounding yourself with lush purples that mimic the Aquarian stone, Amethyst. The violet stone brings the Aquarius sun sign in touch with their intuition and spiritual guidance, reducing any stress an Aquarius might face when constantly thinking of their need to change the world.

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This article is part of Influenster's exciting new Astrology Series! Influensters will get an overview of all 12 zodiac signs from our astrology expert, Lara, with custom-picked products that are inspired by each unique sign! Check back on February 19th as we dive into the complex world of Pisces.

P.S. We hear it's going to be astronomical...

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