Aprati Foods® Brings You Candy You Can Enjoy With No Regrets

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Desiree K.
ByDesiree K.

Friends of sweet treats, listen up: Aprati Foods is here to make your day a little sweeter! The new Frutati® and Mocati® assortments are made with cleaner ingredients to offer a better-for-you snacking option. The company is passionate about delivering delicious candy that is made with non-GMO verified ingredients and without artificial colors. Also, they are low in sugar and only contain less than 2g sugar per piece! 
What did we include in our latest Aprati Candy VoxBox?

Frutati Hard Candy 3-Flavor Assortment: Purposeful snacking with tropical taste nuances. These sweet delights are made in Cambodia and combine familiar North American fruits with local flavors. Explore a new world of taste from your own home.

Mocati Hard Candy 3-Flavor Assortment: Coffee drinkers will love this candy! Rich flavors and cleaner ingredients merge into a delightful confection.


This candy is made in Cambodia to provide opportunity and empowerment to those living in communities throughout the country.
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