Cold Brew Wine is Here to Fulfill All Your Obsessions

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ByCaitlin M.

No, it's not a gift from the gods. It's simply the newest creation from Apothic Wines. We're talking about the cold brew and red wine mashup of your dreams. In a very special limited-release batch of red wine, Apothic crafted the perfect vino or the caffeine obsessed set to launch this April. 

Apothic Brew actually contains real cold brew, meaning it utilizes more coffee grounds than traditional coffee and as cold-brew experts know requires more steeping time than normal coffee. But the result is totally worth it: it's smoother, richer, and even a bit more chocolatey. In the case of Apothic Brew, the chocolate notes in the cold brew blend perfectly with the juicy blackberry flavors in the vino.

apothic brew

Now if you find yourself skeptical, we can't say we blame you. Although this sounds like a match made in heaven to some, it also has the potential to go horribly wrong. However, according to Apothic Brew, each bottle of the blend contains less caffeine than a standard cup of decaf coffee, and a glass can be served at room temperature or even slightly chilled à la your favorite cup of iced joe. 

Are you convinced to sip this concoction yet? If so, you better act fast. The cold brew and red wine blend will be released in limited batches so visit the brand's site to learn where to shop it near you.

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