Anxiety Busters You Might Not Have Tried Yet

From ear seeds to coloring books

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

Times are tense. That's just true for many of us right now. And no matter how many breaths we take, or yoga poses we make, we just can't seem to shake that feeling of anxiety or worry. Well, after months of quarantine, social distancing and just living through 2020 in general, it's no wonder that our go-to ways to destress are getting a bit tired. So, it might be time to try out something new. The novelty may just be enough of a distraction in itself. Here are some ways to decompress, sans emotional eating or binge watching, when there are just too many feels to manage:

Plant ear seeds. Okay you're not actually "planting" the seed as much as you are placing an acupressure seed inside of your ear. The practice of ear seeding involves strategically placing a seed (a hard, round object that in some cases can even be stylish) instead of an acupuncture needle, on certain acupressure points within the ear. When you press on the seed, you can experience the benefits that can help you relax or focus. An ear seed kit includes these special seeds, adhesive, an acupressure point map and application tools. 

Lay down on an acupressure mat. If the idea of ear seeding sounds a little too involved, apply similar acupuncture principles for relieving anxiety by laying down on an acupressure mat. Not only can these mats help improve circulation and reduce some muscle tension, but some also say they can help lessen stress and anxiety. 

Bake. If you haven't already whipped out your apron in 2020, now may be the time. Baking, whether you have fancy tools like a stand mixer or some simple mixing bowls and a wooden spoon, has been proven to reduce stress in some cases. In the mood for something sweet? Try out one of these caramel dessert recipes

Photo Credit: Kari Shea

Bust out the art supplies. It could be time to bring back a childhood favorite pastime, coloring can help relax your brain and shift your focus. Plus, it's fun. 

Phone a friend. When we are feeling down, it's easy to clam up and stay in your head, especially when you're already practicing socially distancing. Purposefully step out of your comfort zone and call a friend you haven't touched base with in a while. Hearing what's going on in their life, talking about your memories and sharing your own struggles with someone who knows and cares for you, could be just what you need.

Are you going to try out any of these anxiety relieving ideas? Have any ways to de-stress that you would like to share with the class? Let us know in the comments!